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Career Design Lab is a learning and collaboration space for shaping sustainable careers. We support Aalto students, alumni and all lifewide learners in meaningful career design. For employers, we offer opportunities for collaborating and connecting with Aalto talent. Career Design Lab shares research-based insights and inspiring dialogue on the sustainable and inclusive future of careers.

The career is dead, long live the career!

As predictable career tracks are disappearing, we need to rethink our approach to career planning. The future of work is made of frequent transitions and calls for continuous adaptation and learning.

Career design is a learning-focused and purpose-driven approach to careers. It is a mindset that emphasizes curiosity, experimentation and collaboration.

It is also a research-based set of creative tools to help you design and redesign your path at every twist and turn.

Let’s co-create meaningful and sustainable careers!


Career Design for Students

Career design is an experimental approach for creating a meaningful career path in the constantly changing world of work.

Aalto University

Career Design for Alumni

The future of work calls for experimentation and lifewide learning for designing a meaningful career path.

Aalto University

Employer collaboration

Creative forms of collaboration for leading the future of work

Corporate collaboration

Feel the Future!

Feel the Future is our university community’s future-oriented strive to help you better understand the current developments, emerging trends and weak signals of the future of working, living and learning – and what is in it for you. 

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Career Design Lab Blog

Career design thinking offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths.

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Future of Work online courses

Amid constant change, life-wide learning is a mindset that enables you to navigate through the future of work. Aalto University's Future of Work online course platform offers courses to help prepare for your future career.

Future of Work Online Courses

Upcoming events

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Online event

From Lab to Market: Communicating your idea

Join us in the last FLTM of the Spring to learn how good communication can help you commercialize your research.
Doctoral hats, 2016
Campus Lectures and seminars

Honorary Doctors' Seminar 2022

Why do smartphones and computers become constantly smaller and more efficient? What is the role of ALD technology in this - and what does Aalto's honorary doctor, Anjana Devi has to do with this? Have you wondered how to rapidly diagnose corona viruses? Do you get tools from Chemical Engineering studies to develop tests for diseases? Our Honorary Doctor Tuomas Tenkanen tells his story.
AQP seminars_333a_CecileRepellin_portrait
Online event Lectures and seminars

AQP Seminar: Fractional Chern Insulators in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Hybrid). Speaker: Dr. Cécile Repellin (CNRS, Laboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux Condensés, France)
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Fairs and expos Exhibitions

Aalto Talent Expo 2022

Aalto University's largest contact & recruitment fair Aalto Talent Expo will be organized in Otahalli (Otaniemi) on November 10th 2022! Virtual fair activities will also be available during the fair week.

About Career Design Lab

Our Purpose

We facilitate meaningful careers and shape a sustainable and inclusive future of work.

Our Services

We provide research-based, creative services in collaboration with the Aalto University community and partners. 

  • We help Aalto students and alumni with sustainable career design and lifewide learning
  • We support Aalto students in finding meaningful employment
  • We share research and insights on careers and future of work to serve the Aalto community and all lifewide learners
  • We organize events to inspire learning, create connections and foster dialogue
  • We collaborate with future-driven employers

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Our team

Elisa Kouvonen

Head of Career Design Lab 

Kirsi LaPointe

Career Design Education & Coaching

Ulla Eskola

Career Design & Future Dialogues 

Aila Saloranta

Career Design, Advising & Coaching

Riitta Kontio

Employer Collaboration 

Susanna Ritala

Alumni life-wide learning and community development

Kaisa Hölttä

Mentoring & alumni volunteering

Kaisa Paasivirta

International Talent Programme

Riikka Heinonen

Data-driven development and career monitoring

Hanna Wikström

Career Design Lab marketing

Ville Hakulinen

Aalto Talent Expo & Summer Job Day

Tanja Makkonen

Career Design (School of Business)

Fiona Jokivuolle

Alumni Relations (School of Business)

Milja Koski

Employer Collaboration (School of Business)

Susanna Saarinen

Career Design Coaching & JobTeaser


Portrait image of Pentti Ahnger
Cooperation Published:

Donor Pentti Ahnger: A strong foundation for working life from The School of Business

I became interested in student mentoring, while I was still at work, and got to know many nice and smart kylteri (business student).
Opiskelijoita Kauppakorkeakoululla. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio
Cooperation, Studies Published:

The first-year School of Business students received tips from alumni to support the major choice

Alumni gave tips to first-year students, the mursus, to support their choice of major at Meet Your Community event.
School of Business alumna Annastina Saari
Cooperation, Studies Published:

Alumna Annastina Saari: I want to be involved in solving the climate crisis

‘I had always dreamed of a career dealing with environmental questions’, says our alumna Annastina Saari, who studied international business as well as information and service management, and who now works as a consultant for D-mat, a company that is specialized in sustainable lifestyles.
Kron Rexhepi
Cooperation, Studies Published:

Alumnus Kron Rexhepi: The most important work life skills are curiosity and the willingness to learn new things

School of Business alumnus Kron Rexhepi followed his interests to pursue a career in data analytics. The networks formed at the School and the programming courses he took helped him to find an inspiring job where he could utilize his previous experience in both consulting and data.

Advancement and Corporate Engagement (ADCO)

We offer opportunities for collaboration, develop alumni activities and build relationships with donors.

Aalto University's stand at Slush convention with lots of people standing around it

For alumni

Nearly 45 000 alumni from 80 countries are already members of the Aalto University alumni network. Our alumni are all who have graduated from Aalto University as well as all our exchange students. You can join the alumni network already as a student – a warm welcome!

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