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Career Design Lab is a collaboration and learning space for designing meaningful work and careers based on the Nordic values of equality, sustainability and wellbeing.


Career design thinking offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths. It starts with your purpose, emphasizes ideation and collaboration and uses a continuously adapting, experimental approach.

Let’s co-create a sustainable and meaningful future of work!


Career design for Aalto students

Career design emphasizes a continuously adapting, experimental learning approach.

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Career design for Aalto Alumni

We offer several options to help you keep learning and design work that matters to you

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What is career design?

The transformation of work will have a profound impact on career tracks and opportunities over the coming years. 

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Feel the Future is our university community’s future-oriented strive to help you better understand the current developments, emerging trends and weak signals of the future of working, living and learning – and what is in it for you. 

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Career Design Lab Blog

Career design thinking offers a fresh perspective to prepare for the future of work and unpredictable career paths.

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Upcoming events

AQP seminars
Online event

AQP Seminar: Stimulated thermalization and long-range spatial coherence of Bose-Einstein condensates in plasmonic lattices

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Zoom). Speaker: Antti Moilanen (Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University)
AQP seminars
Online event

AQP Seminar: Microwave single-tone optomechanics in the classical regime

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Zoom). Speaker: Ilya Golokolenov (Institut Néel, Grenoble, France)
Street Project
Exhibitions and fairs

Main Street Project – How to turn a car-dominated road into a user-based and liveable street

The aim of this project is to design services that can serve as platforms for co-creating value with the partners of the university, opening the Aalto campus to the city and turning a road into a lively street and community.
Fashion Lab Poster_horizontal
Online event

Fashion Lab

Exercising Alternative Narratives of Fashion through Confession, Action and Discussion

News related to career design

Pauli Liikala, Kauppakorkeakoulun alumni
Cooperation, Studies Published:

School of Business alumni story: Pauli Liikala

‘I am grateful to the School of Business, its teachers and my fellow students – studying there gave me excellent skills and knowledge for my career and for my retirement years.’ says Pauli Liikala, our alumnus, who made a long career in information systems, management and their development, and who has also acted as a mentor to numerous students over the years.
Tatu Pohjola
Cooperation Published:

School of Business donor stories: Tatu Pohjola

The best thing was the community that I got into: a large, happy and supportive group of people who are curious for new and strive for better.
Kauppakorkeakoulun alumni Iida Valin.
Cooperation, Studies Published:

School of Business alumni story: Iida Valin

'Interdisciplinarity and versatile possibilities to shape your studies, were definite strengths in Aalto. I believe that studying subjects differing so strongly from each other has helped me in my career. Especially during change situations, since changing my own perspective has been easier,' says our alumna Iida Valin, who works in the communications department of Posti Group, one of School of Business partner companies.
Olli Karkkila
Cooperation Published:

School of Business donor stories: Olli Karkkila

I remember studying with great warmth and have very fond memories of student life. I have been able to work with great people in Finland’s leading companies. For this, I feel deep gratitude to the School of Business.

Career Design Lab roles

Elisa Kouvonen

Head of Career Design Lab 

Kirsi LaPointe

Career Design Education & Coaching

Ulla Eskola

Career Design & Future Dialogues 

Aila Saloranta

Career Design, Advising & Coaching

Riitta Kontio

Employer Collaboration 

Susanna Ritala

Alumni life-wide learning and community development

Kaisa Hölttä

Mentoring & alumni volunteering

Kaisa Paasivirta

International Talent Programme

Riikka Heinonen

Data-driven development and career monitoring

Hanna Wikström

Career Design Lab marketing

Ville Hakulinen

Aalto Talent Expo & Summer Job Day

Tanja Makkonen

Career Design (School of Business)

Fiona Jokivuolle

Alumni Relations (School of Business)

Milja Koski

Employer Collaboration (School of Business)

Advancement and Corporate Engagement (ADCO)

We offer opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with Aalto University to companies and other organizations in research, teaching and recruitment. We develop alumni activities and build relationships with donors. We actively seek donations from companies, foundations, individuals and cities.

Service entities
Two Aalto University alumni walks outside under a red Aalto umbrella

For alumni

An active and international community.

Nearly 45 000 alumni from 80 countries are already members of the Aalto University alumni network. As a member of the network, you get research news, contacts from different fields and multiple opportunities for self-development.

Our alumni are all who have graduated from Aalto University as well as all our exchange students. You can join the alumni network already as a student!

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