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Entrepreneurial Path

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey! Explore entrepreneurial mindsets and learn the tools for creating a sustainable, scalable and viable business model.
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Teaching period:


Application period:

1.2.2021 – 30.6.2021

Course format:



2 weeks full-time



Field of study:





Aalto Ventures Program

Tuition fees:

1400€ (incl. VAT 24%)

The application period is open until 30 June 2021. Apply now!

Entrepreneurial Path is a summer course offered by Aalto Ventures Program, where participants from around the world come together to explore their entrepreneurial self. During two weeks of lectures and the accompanying independent studying, students will learn relevant mindsets, concepts and tools for any entrepreneurial endeavour they decide to take.

The focus areas of the course include: 

  • Understanding yourself and the people you work with.
  • Learning the methods and tools for creating a sustainable, scalable and viable business model.
  • Using storytelling and pitching to make you stand out.
  • Using systemic thinking to find your place in the eco-system.
Students learn about the startup ecosystem in a workshop
At Entrepreneurial Path, students explore entrepreneurial mindsets and create business models together.

Studying at Entrepreneurial Path

  1. The study journey starts by exploring an entrepreneurial mindset. Self-exploration leads to team formation – you will find out who can support you in your entrepreneurial path.
  2. The next step is to get to know your potential users – who are the users, what are their problems?
  3. Iterative solution ideation process – explore solution field.
  4. Succeeding the previous steps is an eco-system map – where do you plan to operate? What is the context, and where will your place in the eco-system be?
  5. The journey ends by self-reflection and understanding the new version of you – packed with an entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial tool kit.
Information for Summer School Applicants

Course faculty

The application period is open until 30.6.2021 23:59 (UTC+3)

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