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Climate Change, Health and Architecture

Future-oriented introduction to climate change and its relationship to human activities, built environment and health. The course is open to architects, designers, artists, planners, health professionals, policy developers, activists and optimistic future-makers!
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1.2.2021 – 30.6.2021

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2 weeks full-time



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Art and design




School of Arts, Design and Architecture

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The application period has closed

The application period has closed.

How should we balance buildings so that they support the health of the planet and the health of the people? How well do we understand the health effects of climate change?

The changing climate is causing increased stress to both buildings and their users. The built environment is also a key source of emissions. Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement is not possible without strong action in construction.

Climate change is also the underlying driver behind many threats to physical and mental health. This applies not only to humans but to most life on our planet. This course offers an evidence-based, clear and factual introduction to climate change and its relationship to human activities, built environment and health.

'The future for climate-conscious and sustainable design is bright. I am extremely confident that this is a true growth area where smart graduates will be snapped up into the global marketplace in a blink of an eye.', says responsible teacher ProfessorLaura Arpiainen.

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Students will create an action plan for carbon neutrality and health.

Future-oriented action plan

Climate Change, Health and Architecture is a future-oriented intensive where each student creates an adaptation action plan for their specifically chosen context. Students learn the basics of climate change during the two intensive weeks and its impacts on the built environment and human health. They learn to identify the effects of climate change in their own communities, evaluate the risks and create strategies for climate-conscious design and decision-making processes that can change the course of the future.

Course assignments focus on actions towards, e.g. carbon neutrality, improving health, community education, campaigns, art and culture. Through inspiring lectures and exploring future scenarios, students apply their skills to a practical adaptation and mitigation strategy for an area of their choice.

Information for Summer School Applicants

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Understanding connections: Climate Change, Health and Architecture

What does climate change and architecture have in common? We dig deeper into the course topics with course faculty Professor of Practice Laura Arpiainen and Adjunct Professor Matti Kuittinen. In this course, students will learn how to design and build for a better future and contribute to positive change.

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The application period has closed

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