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Who can study at the Open University?

Open University exists for everyone.

Studying at the Open University gives you an opportunity to:

  • learn more about studying at university level and about the fields of study available
  • enhance your professional skills and general skills needed in the workplace
  • gain a scientific perspective on current phenomena
  • aim for a degree by taking courses which may be counted toward a university degree later
  • become a degree student through the Open University ‘pathway’ (väylä)
  • expand your degree with a minor

Aalto University Open University provides education in the fields of economics and business administration, art and design, and technology. Language studies are also offered.

At the Open University you may pursue studies that meet your goals and interests. Usually it is possible to study separate courses in English.

The quality and contents of the teaching at the Open University corresponds to those of the degree education of Aalto University.

Students are admitted to the courses in the order of registration. Some courses require prior knowledge of the topic; the possible prerequisites are mentioned in the course description. Aalto University Open University reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum announced.

At the Open University, you can study throughout the year. You are granted a right to study when you register for a course, pay the course fee and receive the registration confirmation. The right to study is course-specific and is only valid for a fixed period.

Since studies at the Open University are not considered as full-time studies, our students are not eligible for the financial aid for students granted by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela. Studying solely at the Open University does not make you eligible for Student Visa.

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Erillisopinnot, vaihto-opiskelu, JOO-opinnot ja sisäinen liikkuvuus

Non-degree studies, Exchange Studies, Studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO)

Aalto University believes that education must offer more possibilities than ready-made solutions.

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Aalto University Open University

Open University courses are open to everyone regardless of background or age. Open University offers individual courses in Business, Technology, Languages, and Art and Design. Students are admitted to individual courses in the order of registration.

Aalto University Open University
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