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Open University Route to a Degree in Economics and Business Administration

Studies completed at the Open University may entitle you to become a degree student at the Aalto University School of Business, Mikkeli Campus. The Bachelor’s Program in Mikkeli campus focuses on a single major: international business.
Dipolin portaat Kalevan suuntaan

You can apply as a degree student for the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration Program in Mikkeli Campus by completing at least 60 credits of Open University studies that are in accordance with the degree requirements of the Aalto University School of Business. Of the  required studies, at least 36 credits must be completed in English. The required courses are listed below. The other option applying to the degree student with the same set of courses in Finnish is the Open University Route at Otaniemi Campus (pages in Finnish).

  • Business Communication or Swedish Business Communication 3 cr (equivalent of Business Communication Skills or Ruotsinkielinen yritysviestintä 1)
  • Business Mathematics with Excel Applications 6 cr (equivalent of Talousmatematiikan perusteet /Tilastotieteen jatkokurssi/Kvalitatiivinen tutkimus)
  • Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 3 cr (equivalent of Yritysvastuu ja -etiikka)
  • Introduction to Business Law 6 cr (equivalent of Yritysjuridiikan perusteet)
  • Introduction to Corporate Communication, 6 cr/Communication and Project Management, 3 cr+ Finnish Business Communication, 3 cr or Finnish for Foreigners, 3 cr (equivalent of Viestintä ja projektinhallinta tai Yritysviestinnän perusteet)
  • Introduction to Management 6 cr  (equivalent of Johtamisen perusteet)
  • Introduction to Marketing 6 cr  (equivalent of Markkinoinnin perusteet)
  • Introduction to Statistics 6 cr (equivalent of Tilastotieteen perusteet)
  • Managerial Finance/Principles of Finance 6 cr (equivalent of Rahoituksen perusteet)
  • Operations Management 6 cr (equivalent of Tuotantotalouden perusteet)
  • Principles of Accounting 6 cr (equivalent of Laskentatoimen perusteet)
  • Principles of Economics 6 cr (equivalent of Taloustieteen perusteet)

Admission information (for example exact course requirements and application time) can be found from Bachelor´s Programme in International Business (Mikkeli Campus).

Further information on courses and Open University route can be reached from Aalto University Open University, email avoin (at) aalto.fi. N.B. The next possible time to register for a new route student in Mikkeli is now unknown. Please follow the instructions given in this page.


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