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Management and International Business

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The aim of the minor in Management and International Business is to focus on working and interacting with diverse people in the various contexts of the global economy, and it offers competences that enable graduates to respond to strategic and organizational challenges in a creative, responsible and interdisciplinary manner.

It is recommended to have prior knowledge of Management related studies in Candidate level before entering the Master level courses.


Management and International Business Master level Minor studies consist of one mandatory course and three elective courses.

Mandatory course (6 cr):

26E03600 Introduction to Management and International Business, book exam, 6 cr 

Elective courses (18 cr):

21E00012 Gender and Diversity at Work, 6 cr
21E00029 Managing Mergers and Acquisitions, 6 cr
21E00037 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 6 cr
21E01050 Management and Strategy Making, book exam, 6 cr
21E03050 Inside Work Cultures, book exam, 6 cr
21E06050 Responsibility Management, book exam, 6 cr
21E16001 Sustainability in Business, 6 cr
26E00250 Doing Business in China, 6 cr
26E00800 Global Marketing Management, 6 cr
26E03101 International Strategy, 6 cr
26E03302 Sustainability in International Business, 6 cr
26E03400 People Management in Multinational Organizations, 6 cr
26E05001 Global Game Industry, 6 cr

Please check the current course selection in the course catalogue.

These courses are no longer arranged but can be accepted as a part of Minor studies in Management and International Business:

21E00030 Strategy Work 6 cr
21E00031 Innovation, Strategic Resilience and Renewal, 6 op
21E00050 Henkilöstöjohtaminen ja HR-työ käytännössä 6 op
21E00600 Human Resource Development, book exam, 6 op
21E02000 HR-tutkimuksen erityiskysymyksiä, lukemisseminaari, 6 op
21E16000 Sustainable Business and Consumption, 6 op
26E02500 Doing Business in Russia, 6 op
26E03100 Driving Global Businesses, 6 op
26E03200 Managing in a Global Context, 6 op
26E03300 Operating in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts, 6 op

Take a contact with study councelling ([email protected]) if you wish to add a course to your Minor studies from this list.

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