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Information and Service Management minor

Aalto University / School of Business / Department of Information and Service Management / Real-Time Economy Competence Center

Information and Service Management, advanced (graduate) level, minor academic year 2019-2020 

Information and Service Management (ISM) refers to the creative use of information and technology in decision making, in managing business processes and networks, and in developing new products and services. While ISM gives an understanding of different business functions and their interdependence relevant to managers, it also provides methods and skills for economic analysis required in many other fields of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Topics covered by the minor studies in Information and Service Management include:

- decision analysis and negotiation processes;
    - development of information systems and associated business processes and services;
    - logistics and supply chain management: sourcing, production and distribution of goods and services;
   - management of technological innovation; and
   - mathematical methods and statistical analysis.

Minor studies in Information and Service Management consist of three focus areas: Business Analytics, Information Systems Science (cannot be completed at Open University) and Supply Chain Management. The focus of Business Analytics is on increasingly important skills to manage and analyse the rapidly growing supply of information. The focus of Supply Chain Management is on providing students with the capabilities to manage and develop companies’ production, distribution, supply, purchasing and service operations.

Minor studies in ISM typically consist of 4-6 advanced, graduate level courses totalling 24-36 cr. If a student has no prior studies in ISM subjects, one or two intermediate, undergraduate level courses can be included in the minor.

Business Analytics, minimum 24 cr
Choose 4 courses (one course is 6 credits) from the following. Please, notice the limited number of study places of each course.


OR you can also choose max 2 intermediate level courses from the following:

Supply Chain Management, minimum 24 cr
Choose 4 courses (one course is 6 credits) from the following. Please, notice the limited number of study places of each course.

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