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How to study at the Open University

At the Open University you may pursue studies that meet your goals and interests.
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Studying at the Open University

Aalto University Open University provides education in the fields of economics and business administration, art and design, and technology. Language studies are also offered.

At the Open University you may pursue studies that meet your goals and interests. Usually it is possible to study separate courses in English. However, it is possible to study minor studies in Quantitative Methods, Information and Service Management and Management and International Business. Read more about minor studies.

The quality and contents of the teaching at the Open University corresponds to those of the degree education of Aalto University.

Students are admitted to the courses in the order of registration. Some courses require prior knowledge of the topic; the possible prerequisites are mentioned in the course description.

Studying at the Open University is governed by the Aalto University rules of studies and studying. The Aalto University Open University reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum announced.

For practical information and tips on studying, you could also look at the Aalto University website on general studying skills.

Right to study at the Open University

You are granted a right to study when you register for a course, pay the course fee and receive the registration confirmation. The right to study is course-specific and is only valid for a fixed period.

Study in the autumn, spring, and summer

At the Open University, you can study throughout the year. You can find our course selection on the Courses page, which presents our courses for all the three terms of the academic year.

Through the Open University you may take either courses organized by the Open University or courses organized by the degree programmes. The courses organized by the Open University are usually given on weeknights between 16.30 and 20.00 and sometimes on Saturdays. Courses organized by degree programmes are usually given between 8 and 16 from Monday to Friday.

Since studies at the Open University are not considered as full-time studies, our students are not eligible for the financial aid for students granted by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela. Studying solely at the Open University does not give you permission for Student Visa.


Open University courses are being offered at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus in Espoo. 

Open University students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation. The services of Finnish student housing organizations are intended only for degree and exchange students.

Assessment methods

The assessment method varies by course and is explained in the course description.


An Open University study attainment is evaluated against the same criteria as those of degree-granting education.

Study attainments are graded on a scale of 0–5 or Pass/Fail.

If you are unsatisfied with the grading, please, contact first the teacher of the course. If you are not satisfied with the decision of the teacher you can make an appeal to Aalto University Academic Appeals Board. Please read the instructions on how to make academic appeals.

Transferring credit for Open University study attainments

Credits for Open University studies may be transferred to a university degree at a later time. The decision regarding credit transfer rests with the degree-granting unit.

Studying at the Open University gives you an opportunity to:

  • learn more about studying at university level and about the fields of study available
  • enhance your professional skills and general skills needed in the workplace
  • gain a scientific perspective on current phenomena
  • aim for a degree by taking courses which may be counted toward a university degree later
  • become a degree student through the Open University ‘pathway’ (väylä, currently offered only in Finnish/Swedish)
  • expand your degree with a minor

See more important matters related your studies

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Registration, payments and rules

Read our instructions on how to register for Open University courses, and about fees and rules.

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Aalto user ID, student information systems and student communication at the Open University

With your Aalto user ID you can log in to Aalto’s information systems and learning environments, and use the internal services of the university.

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Exam instructions at the Open University

Everything you should know about exams at Aalto University Open University

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Results, certificates and transcripts of records

Find out where you can find the results of your Open University courses and exams and how you can order certificates and transcripts of records of your studies at the Open University.

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Learning Finnish language

CEFR levels of language proficiency

The language courses are defined by their the desired starting and target skill levels of the course participants in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) defined by the Council of Europe.

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