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Millennium Youth Prize

The Millennium Technology Prize is looking for innovations that will improve the life of our planet. Inspired by this, Aalto University and the Academy of Technology TAF are organizing a competition for innovators for the age of 19 and younger.

Aalto University professors will present three different global sustainable development challenges to young people in August. The competition presents new feasible solutions to these challenges.

Entries can be submitted as written studies, videos, prototypes, or combinations thereof. The evaluation criteria are scientificity, imagination, creativity, innovation and feasibility.

The first prize is 5,000 euros, the second 3,000 euros and the third 2,000 euros.

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Millennium Youth Prize for young people, junior version of the international Millennium Technology Prize. The finalists will be selected by an expert panel composed of Aalto University and the Academy of Technology's TAF.


19 years of age and younger.


We want to inspire young people with technology and innovation. In addition, we believe they have the key to a better future. There are a variety of solutions to global challenges. Innovations arise from a new kind of thinking.

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