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Building an ecosystem for the pathway towards a hydrogen economy

The H2 Innovation Center works to enable a sustainable hydrogen society by facilitating world-leading research at Aalto, and collaboration between our research community, companies, policymakers and external research organizations.

Collaboration is at the heart of the work of the Center. By building our internal and external networks, we take forward our existing research capabilities and facilitate new openings. Only by collaboration can we tackle the challenges in creating a Hydrogen economy based on UN’s sustainability goals for a zero carbon future.  We bring together researchers from diverse backgrounds, together with external actors to solve these challenges through new innovations and implementation pathways. Interdisciplinarity will be key to these solutions.  Further, we work to implement these solutions both with our industry partners, and through dialogue with policymakers.

The Center’s work will begin with the creation of a doctoral school and an event series which will be advertised here shortly.

If you would like to be informed of all upcoming activities of the Center, please e-mail Center co-ordinator [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.


Piiparinmäki Wind Farm, Finland. Image: Kalle Kataila, Aalto University, 2022

Energy Futures: Wind Power & Green Hydrogen

A talk and panel discussion as part of the Energy Futures Exhibition

kasvi ja virtaava vesi

Hydrogen Breakfast Series - Event 1: Introduction

In this first event in the Hydrogen Breakfast series, we will give an overview of the Aalto Hydrogen Innovation Center. The event combines speakers from Aalto Academics & Industry.

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