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Aalto Thesis projects

Here you will find the project timeline and examples of our previous collaborations. Have a look below what kind of challenges Aalto Thesis student teams have tackled.
Kuvassa miehiä ja naisia pöydän ympärillä tietokoneitten kanssa keskustelemassa.
Photo: Unto Rautio

Project timeline

Aalto Thesis projects kick-start in three slots according to our student's degree recommendations:

  • At the beginning of the autumn term (September)
  • At the beginning of the spring term (January)
  • At the end of the spring term (April)

After recruiting the student team, the actual Aalto Thesis project of six months can kick-start! The process is as follows:

  1. Student orientation with Aalto Thesis team    
  2. Kick-off meeting with the partner
  3. Creating a joint project plan 
  4. 2-month status meeting
  5. 4-month status meeting
  6. The final presentation: The results, conclusions, and suggestions
  7. Handing in the Master’s theses and the interdisciplinary summary for the partner

Student: how to apply?

Partner: contact us!

Take a look at our projects!

A 3D fibre machine by Valmet.

Project Valmet: Designing modularity in 3D fibre technology

Through this Aalto thesis project, Valmet aims to implement the principles of modularity in 3D fibre technology.

Aalto Thesis
An illustration of Valmet's machine.

Project Valmet: New roads – Business planning in fibre converting

Through this Aalto Thesis project, Valmet is aiming to find ways to enter the field of fibre converting.

Aalto Thesis
Hand-picked blueberries and a slogan "Avaa aamusi metsäpolulla" ("Begin your mornings on forrest trails").

Project Sipoo - Digital Service Design to Support Employment

In this Aalto Thesis project, the municipality of Sipoo is looking for research-based innovation to bring clarity to the complex structures of employment support services.

Aalto Thesis
Two bowls of blueberry porridge and a green kitchen towel.

Project Valio - Plant-based Food Innovations

In this Aalto Thesis project, a student team of two worked together with researchers from Valio to tackle challenges within the plant-based food industry.

Aalto Thesis
A bird perspective picture of Sinimäki area in Espoo, with housing stock and roads.

Project City of Espoo - Population Growth as a Possibility

The student team of two solved the challenge of changing rapid population growth into a possibility for the City of Espoo.

Aalto Thesis
Aalto Thesis Student Team

Project Finnish Digital Agency - Design System in Digital Public Sector

The student team of four solved the challenge of making the Finnish Digital Agency the best digital agency in the world.

Aalto Thesis
Two women in a Hoas shared flat's kitchen drinking coffee.

Project Hoas - Brand Identities to Houses with Communal Living Units

The student team of 2 solved Hoas' challenge of decreased interest in communal living among students.

Aalto Thesis
Three smiling students by a laptop.

Aalto Thesis

Aalto Thesis is a project-based and multidisciplinary model for making the Master’s thesis in work-life collaboration.

Three students studying in the Learning Centre.

Aalto Thesis: For the student

Aalto Thesis is a challenge-based and work-life oriented possibility to enhance your professional expertise and multidisciplinary teamwork skills during the Master's thesis process.

Aalto Thesis
Students sitting and cyckling at Otaniemi Campus.

Aalto Thesis: For the partner

Aalto Thesis offers a unique possibility to collaborate with a team of future experts from arts, business and technology.

Aalto Thesis
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