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Aalto Thesis is a challenge-based and work-life oriented possibility to enhance your professional expertise during the Master's thesis process. Instead of tackling an isolated academic issue by yourself, Aalto Thesis is an opportunity to solve partners' complex and concrete challenges in a project as part of a multidisciplinary team. All Aalto Master's students can apply to Aalto Thesis.
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The Aalto Thesis projects are currently on a break.

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The opportunity the Aalto Thesis offers will significantly add to my resume and help boost my chances in the employment market.

Babakolade Ojuri, Creative Sustainability student

Aalto Thesis experience

Compared to the traditional Master’s thesis assignment, Aalto Thesis offers three unique components:


Multidisciplinary teamwork

  • Solve a shared real-life challenge together as a team

  • Work with and learn from your teammates’ disciplines

  • Collaborate, e.g. in data collection, desktop research and literature review

  • Let your team motivate you when you face the famous “this is shitty” moment

Structured project

  • Learn project management and delivery

  • Plan the project and process together with your team

  • Join official status meetings to accelerate your work

  • Finish your thesis in 6 months

Partner with a challenge

  • Create something genuinely beneficial for the partner organisation

  • A grant of 5,000 € to cover the living costs during the Master’s thesis work

  • Boost your CV by gaining real work experience from your field

  • Project diploma with partner's comments

I wanted to join Aalto Thesis to work in a multidisciplinary team and learn while doing. A real client was also a major motivation.

Fiona Kaihari, IDBM student
Kuvassa miehiä ja naisia pöydän ympärillä tietokoneitten kanssa keskustelemassa.

Aalto Thesis projects

Aalto Thesis project examples and timeline.

Aalto Thesis projects
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Aalto Thesis student FAQ

Gathered here are students' most commonly asked questions about Aalto Thesis, divided into sections on applying, working with the partner, study grants, and academic & practical issues.

Aalto Thesis student FAQ
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Aalto Thesis Student Guide

Student Guide is a collection of guidelines, templates, good practices and other useful information related to Aalto Thesis.

Aalto Thesis Student Guide

Aalto Thesis team

Laura Sivula

Laura Sivula

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