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Aalto University is organising a 5G summer school, where companies and organisations can commission their 5G strategies or assign a 5G challenge to to be solved by a group of students. Companies will receive a proposal on how they can leverage 5G technology in the near future, while at the same time giving students the opportunity to develop their 5G skills in hands-on projects.

Aalto University's 5G summer school will be held as an online course from 1st of June to 12th of June 2020. We are looking for companies and other organizations interested in providing students with the challenge of leveraging 5G technology.

Aalto University, together with the University of Helsinki, the University of Oulu and the Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK, reacted quickly to the corona situation and expanded its online 5G summer school to offer project work to companies in various fields across Finland. Students of the  summer school learn about 5G technology and do project work for a partner company under the guidance of experienced mentors.

At 5G Summer School, high school and college student teams set out to solve the challenges given by companies and other organisations in leveraging 5G technology over the course of the two-week course.

You can leave us your contact information through this form and we will get back to you about the partnership, or you can contact Juuso Kivinen, Program Coordinator of Aalto Summer School, directly at [email protected] or +358 50 356 3476.

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Kaapo Collan ja Aapo Karvonen toteuttavat Aalto-yliopiston 5G-kesäkurssin tehtävää (AR) -lasien hyödyntämisestä tuotannonohjauksessa kesällä 2019.

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Take part in a free facilitated online summer course and learn the basics of 5G, conduct project work with partner companies, or dive into 5G Hackathon challenges!

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Aalto University Summer School

Aalto University Summer School offers high quality academic summer courses and programs at Aalto University.

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