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Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor programme supports collaborative research visits to the research groups of the School of Science of duration of one (minimum) to twelve months. In this programme the Visiting Professor is co-funded by School of Science Dean's visitors' programme (60%) and the School of Science hosting department (40%) giving support and covering for the Visiting Professor’s allowance for travel and accommodation expenses, as well as daily allowance (42 € / day) or salary (taxable income). A Visiting Professor’s position in the home institution must be at the professorial level. The call is continuous. Decisions are announced four times a year.

The host of the visit (a SCI professor) should fill in the application form in collaboration with the department's HR coordinator. The application form can be found here.

Visiting Fellow

This instrument has been merged with the Visiting Professor programme in January 2018.
The form for reporting the visits of existing Visiting Fellows can be found from Aalto University Intranet: AScI forms

Visiting Researcher

The AScI Visiting Researcher programme supports visits of one to four weeks by international visitors to Aalto SCI for scientific collaborations. Academic career levels from postdoctoral fellows and above are supported. Academic excellence of the visitor and the quality of the work plan will be the deciding factors. The funding decisions are made once a month (except in June & July) by the AScI director and the Chair of the AScI Steering Group. The programme offers support towards accommodation and travel costs.

Application form can be found from Aalto University Intranet: AScI forms

Aalto Science Institute supports the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. Qualified candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Table. Comparison of the Visiting Scientist funding instruments.


Visit time


Career stage

Funding source

Visiting Professor

1 to 12 months

Travel, accommodation, and daily allowance or salary


School of Science and its Departments

Visiting Fellow


1 to 5 months

Travel, accommodation, and flat-rate compensation


School of Science and its Departments

Visiting Researcher

1 to 4 weeks

Travel and accommodation

Postdoctoral fellows and above

Aalto Science Institute (School of Science)


Housing options related to Aalto University can be found from Unihome webpage. (unihome.fi)


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