Aalto Science Institute (AScI)

Forefront of science

The mission of the Aalto Science Institute is to provide a forum for researchers from different fields of science and at different career stages to come together and collaborate on challenging problems at the forefront of science.
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The Institute promotes meetings of minds across disciplines and age-groups by providing a relaxed and well-supported working environment for its long- and short-term visitors, selective internship programmes and thematic workshops, and opportunities to interact with the science and technology research being pursued at the Aalto Otaniemi campus and elsewhere in the Helsinki metropolitan region.

Aalto Science Institute - AScI activities

Visiting Scientist Programme for supporting primarily long-term sabbatical but also medium-term and series of short-term visits of senior scientists to the Institute.

Thematic Research Programmes are competitively selected three-year, multidisciplinary programmes built around a research theme at Aalto University Otaniemi campus.

Science Fellowships as highly selective, independent and well-supported three-year junior scientist positions for top international talent.

Science Factories for bringing scientists across disciplines to work together on a common theme for an extended period of time, typically 2-4 weeks.

International Summer Internship Programme for providing undergraduate students the opportunity to collaborate in the summer months (June-August) with researchers at the Institute or other research groups within Aalto University.

Steering Group (SG) is a local team consisting of a chair-person and other ten Aalto professors, appointed by the Dean of the School of Science in three-year terms for the task of formulating the short-term implementation plans for the Institute’s mission.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of five international research leaders from different fields of science, appointed by the Dean of the School of Science in three-year terms and convening about once a year.

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