Inclusive Environments

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The term ‘inclusive environments’ puts emphasis on the user-centered design implemented to ensure built environments that are user-friendly for everyone. The research area of Inclusive Environments focuses partly on environments that are open to the public and partly on those that are designed specifically for human interaction.

Aalto University carries a long tradition of researching and developing environments for well-being, children and learning. These are some of the environments where inclusivity takes centre stage and for that reason rely on a human-centric approach.


Research areas within Inclusive Environments:

  • Learning Environments
  • Environments for Health and Wellbeing


Inclusive Environments is one of four research themes within the key research area Human-Centered Living Environments facilitated by the Aalto Living+ Platform. The other four themes of Living+ are Urban Life, Technological Breakthroughs and Human-Centered Design and Planning. The theme of Inclusive Environments connects research on environments where humans interact with each other, such as environments for education, co-creation and services. The theme contains the two research subareas listed below.

Visualization of Inclusive Environments among Aalto Living+ Platform research themes
How Inclusive Environments interact with the other Living+ Themes.
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