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Our living environments are facing increasingly complex domestic and global challenges like urbanization, climate change and an aging population. These wicked problems affect the minds of people and force societal transformation. Simultaneously, fast-growing digitalization, business services and community action present enormous disruptive potential. Understanding issues of this magnitude, require vast multidisciplinary research.

Living+ is one of Aalto University´s multi- and transdisciplinary platforms based on the university´s key research areas. The platform works as a single contact point for connecting research initiatives related to designing, testing and producing human-centered living environments across all schools and departments of the university. A multi- and transdisciplinary approach enable tackling scientific and societal challenges requiring systemic and integrative approaches beyond the capabilities of any individual department. This allows Living+ to support research in important new topics not covered by individual scientific disciplines. The goal is to better understand how individuals experience their physical environment and by which methods and with the help of which technologies art, spaces, buildings, and communities can enhance this experience.

Key research areas of Aalto University

Living+ supports such research by facilitating multidisciplinary networks of researchers within the university and by providing opportunities for engagement with external stakeholders, students and the public. We also support sustaining a long-term appreciation for multidisciplinary research by raising the awareness among these actors. Through thematic meetings, we provide opportunities for networking and cooperation between researchers and external stakeholders to raise and discuss new topics, current issues and future scenarios. With the help of educational lectures and seminars for students, researchers and the public, we show the importance of multi- and transdisciplinary approach when studying and researching broad societal topics. By providing seed funding for internal mobility and multidisciplinary research openings across different schools of the university, we actively push for and support multidisciplinary research and appreciation.

Visualization portraying the Aalto Living+ Platform research themes to explain the platform's approach to human-centered living environments

Living+ research themes

Living+ aims to cover all research essential to human-centered living environments, which includes the research of almost one hundred professors all across the university. To help grasp this vast topic, we divided the research into four themes and thirteen subareas. The themes are Urban Life, Inclusive Environments, Technological Breakthroughs and Human-Centered Design and Planning. Urban Life covers all research on how we interact with our surroundings. Inclusive Environments covers research on environments which need to be user-friendly for everyone. Technological Breakthroughs covers research on the technologies that enable our present and future society. Human-Centered Design and Planning covers research into the methods by which we design and develop better environments for humans.

Read more about the research themes and their subareas


Aalto Urban Solutions group

Living+ take initiatives to form multidisciplinary research networks within the platform. Such a network is the Aalto Urban Solutions group, formed in 2018. The group is a network of researchers and professors dealing with urban studies, including people from five different research groups at the Department of Built Environment in the School of Engineering, and three departments in the School of Art, Design and Architecture.

The multidisciplinary approach of the group allow them to study urbanism through a human-centered lens, combining expertise from technical and socio-cultural perspectives, including the domains of built environment, technological systems, society, economy, law and art.

Read more about the Urban Solutions group


Living+ Forum

Aalto Living+ Forum is an annually organized public lecture series on multi- and transdisciplinary themes related to human-centered living environments. The Forum gathers top researchers, professors, civil servants and business experts, to present the latest findings and discuss future scenarios from their respective disciplines. The lecture series invites students, faculty and the public to discuss burning issues of the day.

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People & Contact

The Living+ Platform is coordinated through professors and senior researchers from different schools at the university, who act as contact points to wider networks within their respective school. The daily activities are managed by the Living+ Team, whereas the Living+ Platform Board acts as a supervising body making strategic decisions.

Living+ Team

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What are the Aalto Platforms?

The Aalto University Platforms facilitate multi- and interdisciplinary research and teaching in Aalto's key research areas, by bringing together Aalto's expertise across departments. They annually organize several thematic meetings offering external stakeholders possibilities for cooperation and networking. They also provide seed funding for cross-school collaboration. Read more by clicking the links below.

What are Aalto Platforms?

Platforms facilitate transdisciplinary actions in 8 thematic areas. They bring together Aalto's expertise across departments and support networking and collaboration.

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