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  • Proposal Registration Deadline: 11 Jan. 2019 at 13.00 CET
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: 15 Feb 2019 at 13.00 CET 

Lighthouses (hereafter ‘LH’) are large-scale and long-term coordinated innovation initiatives that address critical and specific raw materials challenges for Europe. They are mission approaches to innovation and education challenges.

Raw Materials and Circular Societies LH

Approach: EIT RawMaterials will support activities that optimize the efficient discovery, characterization, processing and flow of materials to move towards ‘zero waste’, a core target of circular economy. The LH will integrate results, knowledge and data into a digital map of resource locations and their flows within cities and between cities and the surrounding environment (‘smart materials grid’). This LH is aligned with the EU Circular Economy Package and the EU Zero Waste strategy to achieve a Circular Society, and provides a focal point for cross-KIC collaboration.


  1. Demonstration of modelling tools to ensure economic and environmental relevance of products’ circularity
  2. Demonstration of data gathering/material flow analysis tools
  3. Demonstration of new design approaches for circularity
  4. Demonstration of technological and non-technological solutions to support Industrial Symbiosis (materials and water), including tailings valorization
  5. Recycling of end-of-life consumer products (including collection, pre-treatment and recovery technologies)


Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility LH

Approach: EIT RawMaterials will support innovation and critical knowledge to solve challenges in the mobility sector. This LH focuses on the raw materials and advanced materials for two key innovation trends in mobility: electrification and lightweight design. It coordinates materials-related innovation actions across the mobility value chains with respect to exploration, mining, processing, recycling, substitution, and the implementation of the Circular Economy.


  1. Supply of sustainable raw materials: exploration, mining, extraction of critical and strategic raw materials for the mobility sector; recycling of functional materials and lightweight materials; responsible sourcing; data utilization and improvement of knowledge on sources; collection and recycling of end-of-life products
  2. Material, energy, cost efficient processing: modelling of materials and processes; processing of functional materials and lightweight materials (steels, non-ferrous alloys, composites); joining technologies; additive manufacturing
  3. Substitution of critical, toxic, low performance materials: advanced materials for batteries, magnets, fuel cells; material-efficient e-drive designs; lightweight materials; coatings; bio-based materials
  4. Recyclability and Circular Design for the mobility sector: design for recycling; second life use; new business models
  5. Recruitment and training of personnel from across sectors; dedicated teaching modules for MSc and PhD education; WSL to educate on materials of the mobility transition
  6. Capacity building projects in resource-rich developing countries related to mobility materials


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