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Software engineering and business

Aalto University/Unto Rautio

Aalto's goals in the field of software are to enhance the systems, applications and services that are based on computer software. This includes their efficiency, reliability, and scalability, and also opens new application areas for digitalization. Key areas include distributed systems, mobile and cloud services, operating systems, embedded systems and programming languages, data bases, software reliability, software usability, software energy efficiency, computer-aided teaching, and development of large software systems.

In Software Engineering, we study the activities and processes that create artifacts, as well as the actual artifacts created. In Software Business, we go one step further to study commercial activities, where the value chains and business models aim at producing, buying and selling products or services in which software is an essential part of the value creation and merchandise.

The broad challenge of Software Systems and Technology is to develop reliable and efficient methods and tools to build and maintain software that works according to its functional requirements, i.e. correctly, and in addition, satisfies a number of non-functional properties, like dependability. Our research covers novel methods and tools to create high quality computer programmes, as well as studies aimed at designing key platform components for various modern software systems.

Aalto's key professors in the area include:

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