Aalto Choice Tank

The experiment (ACT)

Aalto University/Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

Before the experiment

Once you have booked ACT you may begin setting up your experiment in the lab. Please ensure early enough that the software you need has been installed on the computers.

If you are going to require assistance from the lab manager during the experiments, please agree on this in advance.

We would advise you to test the computers and your experiment at least a day in advance to ensure that there are no issues or surprises on the actual day of the experiment.

On the day of the experiment

The lab manager will help with all practical aspects such as setting out signs to the lab in the building and making sure the computers are ready to use.

Please arrive to the lab at least an hour before the experiment is due to begin.

The lab manager will NOT run or carry out the experiment for you, and please keep in mind, unless agreed otherwise, the lab manager may not always be on hand to help on short notice.

After the experiment

Once you have completed the experiment, firstly please ensure that you log in to your study in Sona and mark which participants showed up and which did not.

If your study is over, please mark your experiment as inactive in Sona.

If you did not pay the participants in cash, ensure you make the payment promptly.

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