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Research ethics, law and professional conduct (ACT)

Three students working on laptops in the Design Factory kitchen / photo by Aalto University, Unto Rautio

Professional Code of Conduct

ACT does not take a stand as to the experiments’ ethics or permissibility so it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the highest standards of research ethics, Finnish law and professionalism.

When dealing with the participants, please adhere to the highest degree of professionalism, including:

  • Answering all questions truthfully and never deceiving the participants.
  • Keeping all promises made to the participants (e.g. paying the participant fees promptly and fairly).
  • Allowing the experiment to be interrupted or discontinued at the request of a participant.
  • Ensuring privacy and integrity when handling data (e.g. never disclosing names or other identifying data of any participants).
  • Designing, organising and reporting research in accordance with recognised scientific standards and ethical principles.
  • Privacy policy 

When requesting or using data or information, please keep in mind our privacy policy below:

  • The data in the participant pool database will only be used to organise experiments at ACT and will never be given to third parties.
  • We will not link personal data from the participant pool database to the data collected during experiments.
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