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Peer review

The peer review system is meant to improve and ensure the quality of published research.

Peer review process in Aalto ARTS Books

New and original scientific research published by Aalto ARTS Books is subject to peer review before the final decision to publish. Manuscripts are sent to at least two experts designated by AAB for peer review. The reviewers have to meet the following criteria: ‘The reviewers are PhD level researchers or other expert parties external to the editing board and independent in relation to the manuscript to be reviewed.’

The peer reviews are anonymous in both directions. The expert receives an anonymous manuscript for review, and the peer reviewer’s identity is not disclosed to the writer. Exceptions can be made in a manner agreed in advance.

Peer Review Label

Peer Review Label

We have implemented the peer review label registered by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) and agreed to follow the requirements for its use. Publishers using the peer review ID are responsible for documenting the peer review process. We record all relevant information about the evaluation process and store the documents in an electronic archive. The peer review evaluation form can be found below, as well as our instructions for peer reviewers.

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