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Turpeinen: Unfolding the Public Art at Aalto University

Unfolding the Public Art at Aalto University

Outi Turpeinen (ed.)

What is the role of a public art collection in a university context? How does art impact teaching, research, and well-being? In this book, international top academic writers review the public art collection of Aalto University through specific themes including how art encourages business studies or can public art be provocative. The book is richly illustrated with citations by the artists and anonymous comments by the users of the university spaces.

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Vänskä, Hokka, Särmäkari: Intimacy


Annamari Vänskä, Jenni Hokka & Natalia Särmäkari

Intimacy is a book about contemporary Finnish fashion and international fashion studies. It considers the intimate relationship between the body and fashion from diverse perspectives: fashion as a tool for identity expression, the significance of the fashion designer’s own bodily experiences in their work, and the contribution to fashion of wearable technology, which generates data on the wearer’s bodily functions. This book is also about how fashion is always a product of its surrounding society and culture.

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The cover of book Sun-powered textiles, with greyish electrotextile and yellow text.

Sun-powered textiles. Designing energy autonomous electrotextile systems with solar cells

Elina Ilén, Janne Halme, Elina Palovuori, Bettina Blomstedt & Farid Elsehrawy

Get inspired to create sun-powered textiles!

Sun-powered textiles offers guidelines for designing industrially scalable energy-autonomous e-textile applications powered by solar cells. The book provides concrete advice for solar cell selection, integration methods with textiles as well as intructions to measure and calculate the required solar cell areas for different applications. Sun-powered textiles is a must read for everyone interested in learning about designing and manufacturing energy-autonomous e-textiles.

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Interwoven etukansi.

Interwoven. Exploring Materials and Structures

Maarit Salolainen, Maija Fagerlund & Anna-Mari Leppisaari

Interwoven offers an introduction to the core of constructed textile design. This is done by encouraging exploration into woven structures and their interplay with different materials, and inspiring to tell textural, tactile stories through textiles. It illustrates a new pedagogic method for woven textile design studies; from basic weave structures to multi-layered constructions, from hand-woven experiments to digital jacquard designs.

The way this book interweaves technical knowledge, artistic expression and storytelling makes it a unique guide on the path to mastering textile design.

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Greenish and blueish book cover of Designing Change.

Designing Change — New Opportunities for Organisations

Anna Valtonen & Petra Nikkinen (eds.)

The world around us is changing. We are constantly faced with challenges related to the environment, technology and inequality. How can design and design research help in addressing these issues? With the help of design, companies and organisations can tackle complex challenges that lie ahead, thereby also facilitating change. This book offers inspiring examples and practical tools for taking the first steps of change in our rapidly transforming operating environment.

The content also introduces opportunities that design research can offer, as well as prompting new insights for change work in the reader’s own organisation. Join us in taking a step towards change!

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Art as We Don't Know It kansi

Art as We Don’t Know It

Erich Berger, Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, Kira O’Reilly, Helena Sederholm (eds.)

Art as We Don’t Know It showcases art and research that has grown and flourished within the wider network of both the Bioart Society and Biofilia during the previous decade. The book features a foreword by curator and art historian Mónica Bello, and a selection of peer-reviewed articles, personal accounts and interviews, artistic contributions and collaborative projects which illustrate the breadth and diversity of bioart. The resulting book is a tantalising and invaluable indicator of trends, visions and impulses in the field.

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Immortal cover


Maija Tammi & Ville Tietäväinen

Biologist Cornelia Dulac has been missing since 2014. Her audiotapes were discovered at a remote cabin in Eastern Finland together with a fully-equipped research laboratory and a year’s supply of food. It is obvious that something had deviated from Dulac’s plans. She had been researching hydra, an immortal freshwater polyp.

Immortal is an artbook that combines scientific research, art and storytelling. The authors, artist and Doctor of Arts Maija Tammi and visual storyteller Ville Tietäväinen, pull the readers into the world of forever-young hydra – under the surface of Dulac’s experiments and obsessive mind.

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Chemarts Cookbook cover

The CHEMARTS Cookbook

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Liisa Tervinen, Tapani Vuorinen & Nina Riutta (eds.)

How can we make flexible and transparent wood-based materials? What kinds of materials can we derive from trees, while still respecting the preciousness of nature? Could the innovative use of renewable cellulosic materials change our material world?

The CHEMARTS Cookbook gives both simple and more advanced ideas and recipes for hands-on experiments with wood-based materials. The book showcases the most interesting explorations focusing on raw materials that are processed either chemically or mechanically from trees or other plants: cellulose fibres, micro- or nano-structured fibrils, cellulose derivatives, lignin, bark and wood extractives.

Get inspired, test our recipes either at workshops or chemistry labs, and develop your own experiments!

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