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Aalto ARTS books are available in our online store.
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Online store

All our books are available in our online store:


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A selection of our publications is available in the Aalto University Shop, select book shops and retailers:

  • Akateeminen kirjakauppa
  • Suomalainen kirjakauppa
  • Nide
  • MUJI Kamppi
  • Designmuseo
  • Arkkitehtuurimuseo
  • Taidehalli
  • Gumbostrand Konst & Form
  • EMMA

We provide a 20% discount for Aalto University students and personnel.

You get the student discount automatically when you log into the store using an Aalto ID (HAKA log-in).

Alumni receive a discount at the Aalto University Shop (Otaniementie 14).

Internal Orders at Aalto University  

When you order Aalto ARTS Books publications for your unit or as business gifts, you can do an internal order via the online store or a the Aalto University Shop. 

  1. Pick up books from the Aalto University Shop, request an internal order and give the cashier a reference for the purchase. 
  2. Our online store has a more extensive collection of books.
  • Log into the store with your Aalto ID (Haka login).
  • Select the products.
  • Select "Internal Order" from the shopping cart.
  • You can receive your delivery via internal mail (please include your post code details) or for pickup at the Aalto University Shop. 

Please note that the only way to purchase products within Aalto University is through internal order. (Card payment cannot be used for internal orders even at the shop.)

If you need help or recommendations on books, contact Suvi-Kukka Salonen. 

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