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Entrepreneurial Leadership

We focus on entrepreneurial leadership in technology-based business.
Entrepreneurial Leadership

Because business is increasingly dependent on different networks of individuals and organisations, collaboration in business ecosystems is a critical success factor for creating and transforming technology-based enterprises.

Entrepreneurial Leadership – Group Work

Our mission is to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking for the success of companies, public organizations and society at large. Our research and teaching in this area involves elements of learning by doing, concentrating on the factors that affect sustainable growth and renewal of business in technology-intensive environments. With particular emphasis on engineering and innovation, the center of interest is on entrepreneurial leadership, including intrapreneurship, managing startup business, self-leadership, as well as entrepreneurial thinking in all technology-intensive arenas.

Professors of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Eila Järvenpää, Professor, Head of Research Focus Area,
Knowledge Management, Knowledge Work, Organizational Networks, Communication in Organizations and Organizational Networks, Cross-Cultural Management

Marina Biniari, Assistant Professor
High-growth Entrepreneurship, Corporate entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial passion, Professional identity, Recovery from entrepreneurial failures, International entrepreneurship

Mikko Jääskeläinen, Assistant Professor
High-growth Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurial renewal, Entrepreneurship and strategy, Industry networks, Venture capital.

Esa Saarinen, Professor
Applied Philosophy, Entrepreneurial thinking and Self-managed entrepreneurship

Natalia Vuori, Assistant Professor
Emotions and Cognition in Strategy Implementation, Emotions and Cognition in Inter-organizational Relations, Individual and Organizational Learning, Leadership, Intrapreneurial Behavior in Corporations


Mari Kira, Research Director and Core Faculty Member, Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan.
Organizational Behavior, Well-being and Growth at Work