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Department of Art

Department of Art

The Department of Art is known for high quality artistic and art pedagogical activities, and scholarship and research. The department has three study programs that are taught by leading scholars and practioncers in their field. The programs focus on art education, Nordic visual studies, and visual culture and contemporary art. We offer a space for the development, construction and presentation of new knowledge and new skills about art, visual culture, curating, and pedagogy.

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The programs focus on Art EducationNordic visual studies, and Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art. The course and program offerings help students build a well-rounded and well-tailored degree that supports both depth and breadth. In this sense, our degree structure offer students the possibility to either deepen their knowledge on their major/master degree subject or utilize the wide range of Aalto University’s multidisciplinary course offerings in their minor studies and electives, organized together with other Aalto schools. In addition, students can receive a minor from other Finnish universities through the JOO-program, or do an international exchange study abroad.


The Department of Art has an active and dynamic research unit consisting of doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, lecturers, and professors. We conduct research on art and other forms of visual culture, and its practices and education, through a transdisciplinary approach that brings together theoretical and practical knowledge.

We are interested in developing critical, analytical, and artistic research skills that help to approach art and visual culture in their various contexts. Our research denotes an active process where one extends themselves to the world, works within the world, and examines and synthetizes knowledge, skills, and experiences that stem from that process.

Research Activities at the Department of Art

The Department of Art engages in research at all levels of programs, teaching, learning, and outreach.

research activities

Doctoral Studies at the Department of Art

The Department of Art, through Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, offers an international doctoral programme for those interested in conducting research on art and other forms of visual culture, and their practices and education.


The Department of Art has hosted a large array of meaningful conferences

Past conferences

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Other units working at the department

Department of Art is also home for the Centre for General Studies and the Pori Urban Platform

Centre for General Studies

Centre for General Studies (YoYo)

Pori Urban Platform

PUPA – Aalto University’s project multidisciplinary platform in Pori

Cotton factory


Appointments, Research & Art, University Published:

Introducing Bassam El Baroni, Assistant Professor in Curating and Mediating Art

Bassam came to Aalto in May 2018 from the Dutch Art Institute MA program at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Quantum Garden
Press releases Published:

World premiere: Play Quantum Garden and help build a quantum computer!

Quantum Garden, a new and exciting Science and Art project, will be exhibited from 16.11 until 14.12. at A Bloc shopping center, Otaniemi.
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka. Photographer: Veera Konsti.
Research & Art, University Published:

Artificial intelligence meets art

The story of AI will not be fully explored without the inclusion of art, believes doctoral student Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, who wants to collide art and technology – while exploiting the tensions that exist between them.
Jemina Lindholm: Sick leave (2018).
Research & Art, Studies Published:

M8 Art Space opens up a new series of exhibitions

Video works by Jemina Lindholm were selected as the first exhibition.


Paradox City Exhibition
Exhibitions and fairs

Paradox City

The exhibition showcases the diversity of cultural, built and grown layers that co-create the home of a multidisciplinary community on Aalto University's campus.
Ville Pulkki Musical Analogues of Mathematical Concepts
Exhibitions and fairs

Musical Analogues of Mathematical Concepts by professor Ville Pulkki

This exhibition comes from my curiosity towards finding a form of representing mathematical concepts through music in a clear and understandable way.
Sustainability Science Days 2019 - call for abstracts
Conferences and workshops
Aalto Living+ Forum by Aalto Living+ Platform
Lectures and seminars

Living+ Forum 2019: Inclusive Environments

The multidisciplinary public lecture series starts on January 10. Design for All, Multicultural Living Environments, and Aging in Cities, are only a few of the topics covered. We welcome everyone to meet and discuss!

Where to find us


Otaniementie 14. Open Mon-Thu 8.00-21.00, Fri 8.00-20.00, Sat 9.00-17.00.

Väre / aula / kuva: Mikko Raskinen