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Creating a whole new

Blog - renewing and upgrading

Welcome to the blog on the communications platform renewal project. Follow the blog and keep abreast on its latest developments!

Aalto renewal blog image - yellow graphic

Blog posts

The blog keeps you up-to-date on the latest renewal developments, as well as tells you the ins and outs of Drupal and what it has to offer in creating your content.

Screenshot of main page.

Launching the new

The new, renewed has been launched in stages starting in the beginning of October. The launch process begins with publishing one of the main hubs, Study at Aalto, which has not been visible on the new site before now. renewal blog graphic

Siteimprove helps you polish the content

Siteimprove is a tool that helps the editors in improving the quality of the content. It automatically scans the pages, and seeks for improvements, such as broken links and misspellings.

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Feedback on welcome!

In renewing, receiving feedback on the is really important. This gives the project team ideas and suggestions for possible amendments and improvements for the new site.

Aalto University / Learning Centre / picture: Tuomas Uusheimo

Updates on the demo

The demo version of the new is now public for everyone to see and browse. Some big updates have taken place during the past weeks, and the development of the site continues towards the final version due later this year.

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Article components – part 2

The series of introducing article components continues! This week, you can familiarise yourself with image components.

Aalto University Learning Center, photo: Aino Huovio

Article components – part 1

The new includes multiple new components, that are most likely not familiar to everyone, yet. Therefore, we now start a series of introductions to some of these components.

expanded scenography researh group aalto university

Introducing Research group pages

On the new communications platform, each research group will have their own page to present their research, group members and other relevant group information.

Aalto University/Unto Rautio

Editors’ checklist − What to do before 8 June deadline?

We have created a checklist to help all editors focus on the right actions before the demo site will be public to people outside Aalto University on 15 June. renewal blog graphic

Get to know the Services hub

One of the six main hubs of the new is the Services hub that collects all Aalto’s services on a simple page with a search function. Now, we have the first version of the Services hub ready in the demo for you to review.

The first drop-in session

Drop-in sessions help you edit demo

We are organising several drop-in clinics to help the editors in reviewing and editing their content on the demo site.

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Demo published!

The demo version was published to the Aalto staff to show the new structure of the renewed The demo includes the new site logic and the components for editors to edit articles. renewal blog graphic

Demo site introduced 9 May

The project is taking a huge step forward as the demo – the first draft of the renewed – will be published to the Aalto staff on 9 May 2018 in Dipoli.

Aalto renewal blog image - yellow graphic

Creating a whole new – visuals and structure in the making

The project for renewing was kick-started at the end of 2017. The aim is to create a digital extension of our campus – a whole new communications platform – which provides an easy starting point for everyone’s day.

Drupal tutorials

Drupal tutorials guide you in easy steps on how to use the many components available to you. In total, there will be some 15 tutorials which are added here in due course.

What are the liftups graphic tutorial – liftups

We introduce a new component – liftup – that links one page to another. This tutorial explains how to do that, and automatically feed content by using the liftup component.

Siteimprove helps you polish the content