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Professors in Computer Science

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. We are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Aalto University has six schools with nearly 20 000 students and more than 400 professors. Our campuses are located in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland.

 Aalto University School of Science (Helsinki, Finland) invites applications for

Tenure-Track or Tenured Professors in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science invites outstanding individuals who hold a doctorate and are interested in an excellent opportunity to pursue a successful scientific career to apply for our open faculty positions. The positions are targeted at tenure-track candidates for the Assistant Professor level as well as at candidates with outstanding records for tenured Associate or Full Professor levels. While we expect most successful applicants to have carried out at least one postdoctoral period, all outstanding candidates will be considered. We strive for gender balance in all positions and at all levels and particularly encourage female candidates to apply for these positions.

The selected candidates are expected to establish independent research and teaching in computer science. We solicit applicants with expertise in any area of computer science. Applicants specialising in the following areas are particularly welcome.

  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Data Management
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Systems

Aalto University offers excellent opportunities and encouragement for collaboration with other fields, with local partners both at Aalto and University of Helsinki. In addition to its strong academic community, the Helsinki region is a vibrant technology and innovation hub with easy access to major application partners both private and governmental. Indeed, Finland currently ranks at the top of venture capital investments relative to GDP in Europe.

Aalto Department of Computer Science is among Europe’s top-20 CS departments, and is particularly strong in areas represented in the present call. The department has strong groups in a range of areas including Algorithms, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Mobile and Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy, Software Engineering, and Visual Computing and HCI. The current faculty’s strength is apparent in e.g. the high volume of extremely competitive funding from the Academy of Finland (equivalent to National Science Foundation) and the European Research Council (ERC). The department attracts significant numbers of high-achieving international students into its MSc and PhD programmes, and as the foremost CS educator in Finland, it is home to the majority of the best Finnish CS students. In total, the department employs 44 professors with diverse interests, forming a fertile environment for cross-disciplinary collaborations. On a larger scale, as a technology-friendly, yet small country, Finland offers ample possibilities for low-overhead collaboration with industrial and government partners as well. Further opportunities are available via the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT (, a joint research centre with the University of Helsinki.

The Department of Computer Science provides world-class research and education in modern computer science to foster future science, engineering and society. The work combines fundamental research with innovative applications. The department is known for its innovative and consistently high quality work. It is matching the very best teams in the world and is a coveted partner in international collaborations. Furthermore, the department is recognized for its fresh and dynamic culture and low bureaucracy. Read more about the department at

A person at any level of the academic tenure track system is expected to perform world‐class research, to teach, supervise and otherwise advance both graduate and undergraduate education, to be an active member of the international scientific community, and to exhibit academic leadership. Career advances on the tenure track are based on scheduled performance assessments, which take into account the candidate’s merits in all these areas.

The positions come with competitive start-up packages. The salaries for the positions follow the salary scale in use at Aalto University, but applicants may also provide salary requirements.

How to Apply

Applicants should clearly indicate whether they wish to be considered (a) for a tenure-track assistant professor position or (b) for a tenured position (at associate or full professor level) or (c) are open to be considered for a position at any level (tenure-track or tenured). Applications to different levels of the career system are assessed according to different criteria, and the decision-making process for tenure-track positions is significantly faster than that for tenured positions.

Applications with attachments for the tenure track position are to be addressed to the Dean of the Aalto University School of Science and submitted through the link below ('Apply now!'). Applications will close on Jan 10, 2019. The committee may consider additional exceptional candidates throughout the review process. Applications shall consist of one single pdf file, with file name "lastname_firstname_application.pdf". All material should be in English.

The application material shall include the following:

  1. cover letter that includes a summary of merits and most important achievements,
  2. curriculum vitae (with contact details; recommended maximum length two pages),
  3. research statement (recommended maximum length four pages),
  4. teaching statement (recommended maximum length four pages),
  5. names, positions, affiliations and e-mail addresses of five senior academic people available for providing recommendation letters,
  6. the web address of the applicant’s Google Scholar Profile,
  7. list of publications including:

A. five most important publications in ranked order (1,...,5), with links to their pdf versions, and
B. all publications categorised as follows:

    • peer-reviewed journals
    • peer-reviewed conferences
    • other publications

    The applicants will be reviewed on the basis of their research achievements in relation to career stage, teaching credentials and activity in the scientific community. Candidates applying for assistant professor positions will be evaluated based on recommendation letters, whereas candidates applying for tenured positions will be evaluated by external experts. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to supplement their applications with a more detailed research plan and teaching portfolio.

    Further Information

    Please contact Professor N. Asokan tel. +358 50 483 6465, or Professor Pekka Orponen, tel. +358 500 819 491 or HR Coordinator Laura Kuusisto-Noponen (application process), tel. +358 50 341 0145. E-mails: [email protected]

    More information about the positions, Aalto University and Finland available here.

    Helsinki, November 1, 2018

    Tenure track in Aalto University

    The tenure track is open to talented individuals who have excellent potential for a scientific career. Individuals placed on the Aalto University professorial tenure track have the possibility to advance in their career through regular performance assessments, which take into account their merits in all areas of their scope of duty. Launched in 2010, the tenure track has attracted a wide range of international applicants, giving Aalto University the possibility of recruiting top experts and young research talent to join the Aalto University community. The track consists of two assistant professor levels, associate professor and full professor.  Read more about the Aalto University tenure track system at