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Doctoral Candidate in Numerical Modelling of Thermal Radiation in Fires

Aalto University is a community of bold thinkers where science and art meet technology and business. We are committed to identifying and solving grand societal challenges and building an innovative future. Aalto University has six schools with nearly 11 000 students and nearly 400 professors. Our campuses are located in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland.

Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering invites applications for

 Doctoral Candidate in Numerical Modelling of Thermal Radiation in Fires

The Department of Civil Engineering is seeking an outstanding Doctoral Candidate for research on advanced modelling of thermal radiation in fires. The doctoral candidate position is available in the Fire Safety Engineering group. For more information of the research and teaching at the department, go to More information on the Fire Safety Engineering group activities at


Thermal radiation is the dominating mode of heat transfer in large fires. Numerical models for the radiation emission, transport and attenuation in absorbing and scattering media are key elements in the state-of-the-art, CFD-based fire simulation software. These computer programs are used for the research and engineering applications of the fire safety design and risk analyses.

The research will focus on developing the numerical methods for transfer of spectrally resolved thermal radiation. In the first stage, an existing computing method (Full-Spectrum Correlated-K), developed originally for the efficient computation of gas phase radiation, will be extended for liquid layers, targeting at improved accuracy of liquid pool heat transfer and burning rate predictions. Small-scale laboratory experiments are performed for material characterization and model validation. In the second stage, an optimized gas-phase version of the same method will be developed for the fire simulation purposes. The computations will be performed using an open-source software Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) - the globally most widely used simulation program for fire safety.


Required background: The candidate should have an MSc degree in physics or mechanical engineering (heat transfer and combustion), with excellent or very good grades.

Expected skills and knowledge: Programming skills and the knowledge of computational techniques and numerical method in general are essential requirements. Capability to collaborate in an international research community with English language is also needed.

Contract and salary

The doctoral candidate position is contract-based; one year contract is granted first, followed by a possible extension of a three-year period depending on the achievements during the first contractual period and on an admission to do postgraduate studies in the School of Engineering.

In a maximum of four years, the doctoral candidate is required to 1) complete the doctoral dissertation, 2) finish relevant courses for 40 ECTS credits and 3) participate in teaching. The applicant must fulfill the requirements for entitlement to do postgraduate studies at Aalto University:

Aalto University applies the salary system of Finnish universities.

For more information

For further details, please contact Associate Professor Simo Hostikka : [email protected] / +358 50 447 1582 and for further information regarding the recruitment process, contact HR Coordinator Pihla Porvari [email protected] / +35850 406 4520.

How to apply

The applications for the doctoral candidate position are to be submitted through eRecruitment System (link 'Apply for this job' below) no later than December 15, 2018. Potential and interested candidates are encouraged to contact us even if they are still finishing their MSc degrees, as the starting time is flexible.

Required application documents:

  1. CV
  2. A motivation letter
  3. A certified copy of master´s and bachelor´s degree certificate and official transcript of records, and their translations, if the originals are not in Finnish, Swedish or English. (Minimum average grading requirements:
  4. A summary of the master thesis and accounts for suitability of the candidate for this doctoral candidate position. Maximum one A4 page is allowed for the document.
  5. Proof of proficiency in Finnish, Swedish or English if the applicant is not a native speaker of or educated in any of them. (Language skill proof requirements:
  6. A list of publications, if any

All material should be submitted in English and in PDF format.

Aalto University reserves the right for justified reasons to leave the position open, to extend the application period and to consider candidates who have not submitted applications during the application period.