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Aalto as an employer

People are the ones that create Aalto: they enable world-class research and education, create trend-setting art and science that changes the world, and promote renewal in society.

Why Aalto?

  • Open, fair and encouraging career and development opportunities
  • Our academic staff is supported by top-class experts such as grant writers and pedagogical developers to enable you to concentrate on what is essential
  • Internationalisation and multiculturality come naturally to Aalto: more than one in three members of our teaching and research staff come from outside Finland
  • We offer a wide range of training to support professional and personal growth for people in all positions and all stages of their careers
  • Aalto provides an exceptionally wide network of partner companies and universities in Finland and around the world
  • Private occupational health care services are available to all Aalto employees
  • UniSport offers diverse sports services on our campuses
  • We offer flexible working methods and working hours and our modern campus to enable communality
  • We are a community of ambitious professionals, in which the 'can do' spirit is combined with a balanced workload, supporting our employees in finding a work-life balance

A career at Aalto

Aalto has top professionals in their fields working in a wide range of different positions. Recruitment processes are driven by values of fairness and confidentiality. All of our positions are filled through open call. Take a look at our open positions.


Professors working at different levels (assistant, associate and full) of our tenure track career system are experts and teachers in their fields. In addition to them, there are distinguished professionals from business life, the public sector and arts working in Professor of Practice tasks. Adjunct Professors are professors who work at Aalto part-time and are involved in teaching, in particular. Aalto also has visiting professors from other organisations.


In their work, lecturers focus especially on teaching and its developing. In addition, they are involved in research and/or artistic activities. The purpose of the lecturer career system at Aalto University is to promote the competence development of the teaching staff: responsibility for the development and management of teaching increases with experience.

Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

Postdoctoral researchers are recent doctoral graduates who are improving their research competence. The position offers a great opportunity to develop as a researcher, to obtain teaching experience and to work towards the tenure track career path. Research Fellows are researchers, who have already distinguished themselves and are further developing their academic skills. 

Staff Scientists and Senior Scientists

Researchers working as Staff Scientists and Senior Scientists support professors and lecturers in their research work. They have special expertise in, for example, the use and development of research equipment as part of research. Staff Scientist and Senior Scientist positions require a doctoral degree or equivalent artistic merits.

Read more about our academic positions:

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral education is the first step in an academic career. Aalto University offers internationally high-quality doctoral education in all areas of its research and art. Our schools usually organise a doctoral candidate selection once or twice a year. Some programmes have continuous application period - a more detailed application procedure can be found on the schools’ websites. Read more about Aalto University’s doctoral programmes.

Specialist roles

Top-level science and art require the support of a top-level network of experts. A large number of experts work in service and expert tasks at Aalto. There are positions in the fields of innovation services, learning, IT, marketing, HR, finance and real estate administration, among other things.


Aalto University is the first university in Finland to have been granted the “HR Excellence in Research” award by the European Commission for its responsible recruitment principles. More information on the award is available on the website of the European Commission and from Aalto University as an employer.

Meet our people

Get to know more Aalto People

Aalto-yliopisto Alexander Frey

Alexander Frey

The support given by the University and the opportunity for professional development are what brought me to Aalto. I can be a teacher, a mentor, a researcher and a manager, all at the same time.

Aalto-yliopisto Anna Kholina

Anna Kholina

Our community is very competent and diverse. Establishing new contacts and finding research perspectives makes my work especially inspiring.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Jessica Sinikoski, strategiset tapahtumat / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Jessica Sinikoski

A well-planned event is an effective way to make the University’s activities, research and experts more visible. It’s really rewarding to see how events result in wild ideas being transformed into cooperation ventures.

Aalto-yliopisto Claudia Dell’Era

Claudia Dell’Era

I have always enjoyed writing, but the best thing about my job is the opportunity to work in cooperation with our excellent researchers.