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Aalto Experience Platform

Aalto Experience Platform

Aalto Experience Platform is an open community for experience research, which fosters and promotes research that combines scientific, artistic, technological, and business angles on human experiences.

Aalto University Experience Platform

What is the Aalto Experience Platform?

Experiences extend to all areas of human life and make life meaningful. In a post-materialistic world, consumers and businesses invest in experiences that enhance subjective pleasure and well-being rather than in material possessions.

All Aalto schools share the need for understanding, measuring, and designing for experiences, and the platform helps to distribute this knowledge. In a welfare society, understanding human experiences and expertise in designing for experiences is increasingly important.

Experience Platform covers all research areas interested in human experiences inside Aalto, and enhances a multi-disciplinary approach to experience research.

Please visit our webpage to explore our latest activities and video series about versatile perspectives on experience research.