Master's Programme in International Design Business Management - M. Sc. Degree in Economics and Business Administration


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120 opintopistettä (ECTS)


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2 vuotta, kokopäiväistä opiskelua


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15.12.2017 - 24.01.2018

International Design Business Management (IDBM)

The Master's Programme in International Design Business Management helps you become a future creative professional in integrating design and technology with global business development.

The multidisciplinary International Design Business Management (IDBM) programme prepares you for a key role in global design business through interdisciplinary and collaborative learning that cuts across business, design and technology.

The programme embraces design more broadly as a method, mind-set and competitive advantage by focusing on product, service and business design, technology and innovation management.

Programme overview: multidisciplinary community and challenge based learning

The International Design Business Management (IDBM) programme is a joint teaching and research platform of three Aalto University schools: the School of Business, the School of Art, Design and Architecture, and the School of Science.

One of the main components of the IDBM programme is the Industry Project, a challenge based assignment from a client organization that you will undertake in small interdisciplinary teams during the first academic year.

In the programme, you will further have an opportunity to

  • discover and make full use of your own potential in interdisciplinary teams
  • acquire knowledge about current and future trends shaping organizations and societies
  • expand your business competences achieved at the bachelor’s level by bringing in design and technology perspectives
  • develop important interpersonal and communication skills through collaborative industry projects
  • gain insights to how design can be managed, as well as how its impact can be evaluated and analysed
  • learn from industry leaders how to create new ideas and execute them with design-driven strategies and processes

Learning outcomes

Since the IDBM programme is a multidisciplinary learning community, you will have a lot of freedom focusing on your own learning outcomes. However, the obligatory part of the curriculum provides you with diverse perspectives to how design and technology can transform societies and develop radical as well as incremental innovations.

Building on this, during your studies you will develop a solid understanding of the

  • role of design, technology and multidisciplinary collaboration in identifying and solving current societal and organizational issues
  • various perspectives of design and how design helps organizations create new competitive advantages and tackle wicked problems
  • characteristics and qualities required in leading a creative enterprise or a multidisciplinary team
  • skillset needed to develop radical innovations by drawing on design methods and processes
  • importance of being able to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments, and what it takes to create and transfer knowledge between business, technology, and design

Upon graduating from the programme, you will be able to

  • operate independently and in teams to arrive at successful cross-cutting solutions within complex, ambiguous and demanding problem settings and environments
  • create new knowledge and practices and apply them in multidisciplinary settings
  • execute demanding tasks in expert and entrepreneurial roles
  • manage and lead initiatives and people within global and multidisciplinary business environments
  • argue, both quantitatively and qualitatively, for the importance of design in 21st century organisations
  • evaluate the action of self and of teams, be responsible for the professional development of others, while demonstrating abilities to accumulate personal expertise and knowledge
  • communicate fluently both orally and in writing with internal and external stakeholders

Broad career prospects: from entrepreneurs to internal innovators

IDBM studies prepare you for a career in the creative industries and in businesses and other organizations that draw on creativity, design and technology as key components of their competitive positioning.

After their graduation, our students embarking on a career in the private or public sector typically work in domains such as:

  • service design
  • business design
  • design and technology strategy
  • development of product and service offering
  • academic or design research
  • innovation management, marketing
  • creative direction, export management
  • trend analysis and forecasting

These career opportunities exist both in large multinationals and in small start-ups, in a variety of fields. These businesses typically leverage design to create new products and services, often involving the latest technology and business venturing and entrepreneurship. These activities have been further supported by the vibrant start-up communities in Aalto University.



1. General admission requirements

The application must first fulfill the general eligibility requirements before it is sent to the Master's programme for academic evaluation. Read carefully the general admission requirements, information on admission groups, selection schedule, required application documents and application instructions on our website section admissions. See also language requirements.

In addition to the general eligibility requirements, each Master's programme has programme-specific evaluation criteria.

2. Programme-specific requirements

Required previous studies

To be considered for admission the applicant must have completed at least 24 ECTS covering the domains of business and administration or subjects that support those domains (for example Management, Quantitative Methods of Economics and Management Science, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Business Law, Finance, Logistics, Business Communication, Entrepreneurship or other studies in Economics and Business Administration). Internships cannot be included in the credits. Please note that the programme does not evaluate previous studies of applicants in advance.

The applicants that fulfill the above requirement of previous studies are ranked according to the criteria below.

The admission group depends on the degree you are applying with. Only applicants with a lower university degree in “Economics and Business Administration” completed in a university in Finland apply in Admission Group 1. The name of the degree is kauppatieteiden kandidaatti, KTK in Finnish. All other applicants apply in Admission Group 2. More information on admission groups is on the admissions page.

1)    Academic excellence

Admission group 1: Weighted GPA of previous degree and overall evaluation of the study success. Applicants with a weighted GPA of previous degree lower than 3.50 are not eligible for admission.

Admission group 2: GMAT (or comparable GRE) test result. GMAT or GRE is obligatory in admission group 2 (minimum score 550 in GMAT or equivalent GRE score).

2)    Motivation statement (letter OR video)
Applicant must show his/her motivation for studying in the IDBM programme by providing a motivation statement. The statement can be either a motivation letter OR motivation video. The letter is written in English into the electronic application system and the maximum length of the letter is 4000 characters (including space characters). The video should be in English and max. 2 minutes long. The statement (letter or video) should answer at least the following questions:

  • Why am I applying for the Master's Programme in IDBM?
  • What am I expecting to learn or gain by participating in the IDBM Programme?
  • The contribution I will bring to fellow students and the continued success of the IDBM Programme?

3)    Professional Experience / CV

Comprehensive evaluation of professional experience takes into account work experience relevant to the IDBM programme as well as experience in scientific and artistic work, entrepreneurship and /or other relevant civic activity. Professional experience is evaluated based on the CV.

4)    Interview
Based on the evaluation of criteria 1-3, the best applicants are invited for an interview. The applicants’ practical skills and ability to communicate in English are evaluated and the applicants are required to give a short oral presentation in English on a subject given when invited to the interview. The applicants are asked a series of questions regarding their motivation, abilities, and attitudes. Interviews can be conducted by phone or Skype if necessary.

The final acceptance of applicants is made on the basis of the interviews. The applicant can be admitted only to one Master’s Programme in International Design Business Management.


Contact information


Coordination: Aalto University School of Business, Töölö Campus, Helsinki. Note that learning activities take place on all Aalto University campuses.

Further information:

  • For information on admissions and applying instructions please read carefully the Admissions section on our website.
  • Information on the studies in the Master's Programme in IDBM (in the academic year 2017-2018) is available in the online Study Guide.


  • After reading all the instructions on our website, if you have general questions on admission and applying, you can contact admissions [at] aalto [dot] fi
  • For questions concerning studies or academic evaluation of the programme, please contact Programme Coordinator Anna-Mari Saari, anna-mari.saari [at] aalto [dot] fi.
    Please note that application documents or previous studies of applicants are not evaluated in advance.

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