Master's Programme in International Design Business Management - Master of Arts


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15.12.2017 - 24.01.2018

Goal of education

The master’s programme in International Design Business Management (IDBM) is a joint teaching and research platform of all the Aalto University schools (School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business, and schools of science and technology). The programme is taught completely in English. The first year of studies consists of a set of intensive compulsory study modules in all three fields and requires full time commitment. The second year of studies is more flexible to meet individual needs and interests.

IDBM educates students with arts, business, science and engineering backgrounds as T-shaped professionals providing them with a strategic view into creative leadership and management of international design-centric businesses, operations, and product and service development. The objective is to gain knowledge in multiple disciplines and to learn to connect one’s own disciplinary expertise to a wider multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary design business framework. The global approach of IDBM programme prepares students to work in multi-cultural settings and collaborate across national and cultural boundaries. Graduates of the IDBM programme will be able to manage and lead initiatives and other individuals in order to undertake new business ventures within global environments.


Education content

The learning outcomes are achieved through compulsory and elective studies. The compulsory IDBM core studies are linked to an extensive joint industry project and related teamwork. The business, design and technology components of the programme ensure that the students gain the necessary business, design and technology perspectives. Parallel to these the IDBM industry project deepens participants’ understanding of the real-life processes of the participating firms in global design intensive businesses. Skills in project management and business planning are developed through the projects.

For further details on the education content, see the study guide for the academic year of 2017-2018.


Career opportunities

Studies in International Design Business Management prepare for a career in industries that use and manage design as a key component of their competitive strategy. This can involve large multinational corporations, as well as small start-ups operating in a variety of fields. These businesses typically engage design to create new products and services, often involving the latest technology and business venturing and entrepreneurship.

IDBM graduates hold a variety of design and development positions in industry. They often participate in doing and managing design, product, service and business development, consulting, intra- and entrepreneurial initiatives and research. The initial specialist positions have in many cases evolved into more managerial and leadership ones.



Internationalisation runs through the core of the programme with students often collaborating with industry partners and organisations on real-world project assignments.

IDBM has numerous international partners and collaborators, including the iSchool at the University of Tokyo, ESADE Business School in Barcelona and the College of Design and Innovation D&I at Tongji University in Shanghai.


Admission procedure

Applicants for the Master’s Programme in International Design Business Management (Master of Arts) apply in the Master’s level admissions in the field of Art and Design. Applicants must have a suitable Bachelor’s degree related to one of the disciplines included in the programme. An applicant can apply to the IDBM programme through more than one School. In such a case an applicant should deliver the appropriate application package fulfilling the entry requirement for each School. Such an applicant, however, can be selected only through one of the Aalto University Schools. An accepted student completes the master’s degree of the School which he/she is accepted to.

Students are granted admission to the programme through a two-phase process. In the first phase, applicants are assessed based on (1) their personal motivation for joining the program, (2) their academic excellence as displayed in their past studies and portfolio and (3) their professional experience. The professional experience of the applicants is looked at broadly and is considered to include work experience relevant to the IDBM programme as well as experience in artistic and scientific work, including entrepreneurship and other relevant civic activities. In the second phase, the most suitable applicants from the first phase are invited for interview from which a smaller subset of applicants is offered a study place.

Attention: The criteria mentioned here are for IDBM programme in the Department of Design at Aalto ARTS. Applicants holding the Bachelor's degree of Architecture can apply both through “Field of Art and Design” and through “Field of Science and Technology” depending on the applicant’s prior studies and career ambitions.

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