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BScBA-ohjelman opinnoissa teoria yhdistyy liike-elämässä tarvittaviin taitoihin. Opiskelu on käytännönläheistä, intensiivistä ja haastavaa.


Opiskelijoiden ajatuksia International Business -kandidaattiohjelmasta

student1.jpg"The study pace in Mikkeli is intense, which has pushed me to do my best. Lectures from native English speakers, as well as communicating in English have definitely improved my language skills. Also, after Mikkeli, presentations are not as intimidating as they once were. I feel prepared for the job market."

Igor Rech L. Oliveira, Brasilia




“The Mikkeli Campus of Aalto University has introduced me to so many wonderful cultures. As an American student, it was great to be able to have the option to study Finland, but be taught in English. I can now say that thanks to our full degree seeking students, and our exchange students, I have friends all over the world.”

Oksana Mitchell, USA


student3.jpg“The study abroad period is an awesome way to finish the BScBA-degree! Being exposed to completely different surroundings and people, really forces you to broaden your views and perspectives. My exchange fall in Tokyo taught me so much of not only Japan and the Japanese culture but of myself as well. Exchange gives you the opportunity to experience a new country and culture in an amazing way and make new friends from all around the world. Getting to live in Tokyo for five months is an experience I would not change for anything!”

Karoliina Raiski, Suomi


BScBA-ohjelma antaa tarvittavat taidot työelämään

alumni1.jpgThe structure of the BScBA Program, puts a heavy emphasis on the cooperation between students, which builds a unique culture unlike any other in Finland and enables students to build lifelong friendships along the way. The program’s emphasis on international environment, group work and presentation skills have proved to be highly useful in my career. The networks and relationships built during my study abroad period in the US helped Smarp later to expand to the US market.  Aalto University was a great launchpad for Smarp and my studies in Mikkeli provided the skills needed to succeed in a global business environment.”

Roope Heinilä, CEO and co-founder of Smarp Ltd.



We had a lot of presentations about different topics during the studies. We had to be able to react quickly to different situations and utilize the knowledge we had accumulated earlier in class on the spot. This can be a very useful skill in business. When customers demand solutions to sometimes very demanding situations or when the media asks for a statement, it is good to be able to react fast and explain things in the right order and in an understandable way.”

Vesa Sironen, Managing Director of Gapps Ltd.



Probba ry

Probba ry on Aalto-yliopiston Mikkelin kampuksen opiskelijajärjestö. Järjestö toimii linkkinä opiskelijoiden ja koulun henkilökunnan välillä, vastaa tapahtumien järjestämisestä sekä huolehtii opiskelijoiden yleisestä hyvinvoinnista Mikkelin kampuksella.   

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Why choose Aalto University?



Aalto spirit

The most distinguishing factor is the Aalto spirit: passion, curiosity, and the courage to do something that hasn’t been done before. Aalto Spirit is alive at campuses, workshops, events and parties. It stays with you even after graduation as you see old friends in the alumni meetings.


Innovation power

The innovation power stems from the unique profile combined with close collaboration with hundreds of business partners on top of their field. Aalto offers world-class facilities, connections and resources to successfully conduct research on business, technology and art along with multidisciplinarity opportunities.


Game changer community

At Aalto, the support for entrepreneurship is available for anyone, at any time, and at any place. Students from Aalto are very much in demand at the labour market. The powerful global network of alumni and influencers is something you can get only from Aalto. You can meet inspiring people – true game changers – and grow together.


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