Made in Aalto: Scene with an attitude

If you have the courage to think open-mindedly, you can combine hobbies and work. That’s what the Academic Research Fellow Toni-Matti Karjalainen did.

Besides being a Doctor of Arts, he’s also a passionate fan of heavy metal. He organised The Modern Heavy Metal Conference that brought together metal music researchers, musicians and authors from nearly 30 countries to Helsinki.

At this unique event heavy metal was analysed through the frameworks of marketing, export, media and culture amongst others. The participants also enjoyed gigs which were performed during the conference. Partner of the conference was Finnish heavy metal festival Tuska.

The example set by Toni-Matti, who researches the music industry for a living, proves that having vision and passion can get you far. Aalto University gives you more than a degree – such as valuable knowhow, working experience and contact networks. Choose your favorite degree programme from our broad selection and find more information about admissions:

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