Made in Aalto: Positive chain reactions

Aalto University alumna Satu Anttila got a job at Reaktor by chance. Reaktor optimises the laid-back, yet ambitious atmosphere of a growing service design company. Studying at Aalto University gave her a great foundation upon which to start such a dynamic career.

“I applied to the School of Business because I had no definite career plans”, Satu says. “The School of Business was a safe choice that offered an all-round understanding of how the economy works. Every industry needs that. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies; getting to complete the degree in English was great. I first studied Business Technology and then progressed to a Master’s in Information and Service Management. While studying, I built a network through which I was recommended for the job at Reaktor”, she explains.

Reaktor markets itself as a creative technology company. Satu supports this definition. “As a workplace Reaktor lives up to the hype. It's like a living room where top talent hang out. Reaktor allows you to dictate your working method and the content you provide. It raises your motivation to a whole new level,” she says. Satu’s work covers all aspects of sales and marketing. 

Satu advises younger students to study for life, not for school. “Take courses that might be beneficial in the future – regardless of whether they are part of your normal curriculum or not. Network with people from the start, get an understanding of what the job market needs and get a side job.” Satu explains that working at Reaktor and studying both complemented each other. He work gave her a practical insight into theoretical concepts such as “big data”. 

Those who look for jobs upon graduation should make the application look like the company, Satu says. She urges applicants to leave out clichés like “quick learner” or “hard-working team player” and write about yourself in your own words. Gain as much knowledge of the company’s business as possible too. There are lots of different jobs at Reaktor other than simply coding. “We are humans and we hire good sorts”, she says with a beaming smile.

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