Made in Aalto: Virtual reality will revolutionise meetings

Aalto University’s Product Design Gala presented multidisciplinary student teams’ year-long ambitious product development projects.

Each year the Product Development Project course brings together design, business, and technology students into close teams to present at the annual Product Design Gala. This year they cooperated closely with mentors and business partners from various fields. Examples of projects include innovative solutions for the waste management in airplanes, a wine’s alcoholic strength reducer, and, a residents 'community hub' Kenno in Espoo’s Suurpelto. All the work was impressive, but the aptly named “Team Awesome” stand is a futuristic one.

The team partnered with Furniture Company Isku, with whom they met every couple of weeks. Isku reviewed and evaluated the ideas and gave the guidelines for the project. At Awesome’s stand, there are two open booths, with wooden tables and low glass walls. The booths themselves are not anything special. They resemble voting booths or children's playpens. However, in the booth you put on the Daft Punk-inspired, black and white device and your instantly transported…. to a virtual meeting space.. The Futur branded virtual reality glasses, which can be used, for example, to hold meetings with your partner on the other side of the world. When a conference or a meeting can be joined from anywhere in the world and everyone can really feel that they are in the same space.

Lauri Oittinen who participated in the project, says that the only limit to the use of the glasses is your imagination. You can start building the world of virtual reality nearly from scratch. You can create your own version of The Matrix, or, a virtual location abroad. All you need is enough footage so that the 3D experience can be done on a computer.

Mechanical engineering student Ville Hiltunen had, since high school, been intrigued by Aalto’s promise of innovative new programs.  Now here, the University doesn’t disappoint. According to Hiltunen, the best thing about his studies are that there are so many possibilities. You can choose courses from a wide selection of classes, for example, courses from the fields of Business and economics, and Art and Design, even though you would be majoring in machine design.

University studies at Aalto include plenty of classes and lectures, but it is important that the knowledge and skills are tested in practice as part of the coursework. Hiltunen points out that the great thing about Aalto is that in Design Factory there is an environment or culture, where you get to build real stuff, and real products.

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