Made in Aalto: Intuition brought Viljami to the School of Business

Viljami Väisänen chose to study economics and business administration, and has not regretted his decision.

Tuomas_Viljami_Väisänen_WEB.jpgViljami Väisänen, 24, completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree, majoring in marketing. He also participated in a student exchange programme in Mexico.

As Viljami is about to transfer to the Master's programme, he is considering the possibility of studying entrepreneurship and innovation in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme.

Versatile study programmes as incentive

'My decision to apply to the School of Business was not easy. For a long time, I also considered applying to medical school, law school or the technical sector at Aalto University, but I remember that, eventually, I decided to follow my intuition. And I have not regretted one moment that I spent the entire spring of 2011 studying hard for the matriculation examination and the entrance examination to the School of Business.

For a young person who has grown up in Lahti, moving to Helsinki seemed like an interesting option after the upper secondary school, and the School of Business stood out from other seats of learning due to its versatility. Naturally, rumours about epic student life were also drawing me towards the academic world.

Even though there are several excellent universities in Finland, I believed, and I still do, that Aalto University offers the best foundations for succeeding on a business career.'

Studies introduced a new way of thinking

'Being a student has been the best time of my life, and I am not lying a bit here. The “way of thinking” the university has afforded me has been the biggest thing about studies. I have been given an excellent overall picture of the commercial sector, and I have learned to analyse and consider the way the world turns in a totally new manner.

My everyday problem-solving skills and stress resistance are also at a totally different level than they were when I began my studies. Having marketing as my major has also helped me find and develop my own strengths, and provided me with a really up-to-date picture of how the digital world changes our everyday activities.

KY (Aalto University Business Students) and other student organisations have made my student years memorable. This was also the matter that surprised me the most – I could not imagine how versatile the student activities run by those studying at Aalto actually are!

I engaged fully in student activities from the very first autumn I came here, and the pace has not slowed down a bit ever since. We have participated in sitsit, or academic dinner parties, and seminars all around Finland, organised business events, acted in musical-improvisation theatre, and established a new beer society at Aalto.

KY has long traditions, and its activities have always attracted large crowds of extremely bright and funny people – I have gotten acquainted with an incredible number of people and probably made lifelong friends.'

Exchange programme the most magnificent period during studies

'I decided to participate in an exchange programme, because I wanted to see the world, and – to be quite honest – I craved for an adventure. When applying to the programme, Mexico was the country selected for me, and my mother's first thought was: ‘My God, do not go there, it's far too dangerous.’

However, these concerns turned out groundless prejudice. My student exchange programme in Mexico has probably been the best single period of time during my entire university career. It is not just empty rhetoric that travelling educates you and also teaches you to cope with matters you need in working life and in everyday situations.

As an exchange student, I met several people from different parts of the world and made friends, while learning about other cultures.

At the same time, I also saw situations, such as genuine poverty, that gave me perspective, and made me think twice about my own occasional, supposedly difficult problems. Even though you also do some real studies during the exchange period, it is still also an extremely magnificent opportunity to travel.

Aalto and KY offered me an excellent platform for participating in student exchange. Applying to an exchange programme was easy as part of the bachelor's programme, and almost all of my friends also seized the opportunity. If you end up in the School of Business, you should definitely participate in a student exchange programme!'

Studies bring likeminded people together

'You should definitely apply to university if you want to dive deeper into the academic world and open up even more doors of opportunity. Continuing your studies at a higher level often correlates positively with the responsibility you are given in the future, or, maybe, the income level you are aiming at.

In addition, a lot of likeminded people congregate at universities, and they are the reason why I am of the opinion that my decision to come here was more than right. It is worth your while to check, for example, the reviews received by Aalto University School of Business, as well as the KY, AYY (Aalto University Student Union), and AaltoES websites. They are well worth a visit!'

Viljami's greetings to those considering their place of study

'Hey you, who are considering where you want to pursue your studies, do not panic! When I was in your shoes, I was not totally sure what I wanted to do when I grow up either. And I do not know that for sure even now, but now I have numerous opportunities to choose from!

Aalto University felt like the right alternative for me, and I decided to give it my best shot and to spend an entire spring getting prepared for the entrance examination. My friends kept calling me and asking me to come to parties, and, of course, it was frustrating to only stay at home. But it was all worth it. 

The academic world, Aalto in particular, and KY and AYY alongside it, will give you something that you cannot even imagine yet. It is always worthwhile to give it a try – and decide that you will make it. Good luck with your cramming!'