Made in Aalto: A container filled with crickets

Outside Startup Sauna, 300 000 European domestic crickets grow inside a container. EntoCube strongly believes that famine can be eradicated from the world by consumption of insects as food.

The majority of the founders of EntoCube are currently students at Aalto University or have just graduated.  They have all studied different major subjects, and their expertise includes arts and design as well as business and technology.

None of the company's founders have studied insect farming directly. However, they have such a good opportunity to make a change in the world now, that it would be silly not to do it.

The aim of the company is to turn empty containers anywhere in the world into local insect farms. Compared with cattle farming, insect farming uses resources more efficiently by all standards. Insects are also a sustainable way to produce protein in places where malnourishment prevails.

The temperature and humidity of the container's micro climate can be adjusted easily to suit any breed of insect. Crickets are omnivorous. The crickets on the Aalto University Otaniemi campus eat the ends of lettuces from a student restaurant. The crickets then turn the bio waste in the container into high-quality protein.

EntoCube has already acquired customers in Finland.  Negotiations are under way in Africa and North America, and the company will soon head for South East Asia. Crickets are already part of the daily diet for two billion people in the world. EntoCube has got an opportunity at hand to engage in the growing field of insect farming and become the engine of its development.

Watch the video: Entocube – Taste the Change

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