IT-entrepreneur Vesa Sironen learned his efficiency in the BScBA Program in Mikkeli

Entrepreneur Vesa Sironen graduated in 2006 from the Bachelor’s Program in International Business (BScBA Program) at the Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus. Now he is one of the owners and the managing director of the IT-company Gapps Ltd.

Gapps is a cloud advisory and technology services company that was founded in 2010. Sironen joined the company one year later. Gapps’ clientele has grown in six years from a few customers to over 800 enterprise customers in Northern Europe. Last year, the company was the second fastest growing technology company in Finland.

Gapps utilizes Google Tools in their operations, when it is developing customer tailored ways to work. The aim of the company is to help their clients work better, more efficient and faster. Google is an important partner to Gapps. The company cooperates with Google on several fronts, such as meeting clients and throwing events together. Gapps’ staff is also trained at Google training seminars around the globe. Google gives Gapps and its clients access to world class services that are produced for example at the Hamina data-center.

Creating is at the core of Gapps’ business model and creativity is important in the IT field. Gapps was founded, because people were bored of the old ways of working and the old tools designed “by engineers for engineers”. All work should begin by thinking about the customers’ needs. At Gapps, problems are solved in groups. There has to be discussion and disagreement since the final push resulting in new ideas or business can be caused by something very small.

Gapps has three main owners, one of whom is Sironen. The personnel also owns shares of the company. The work force of the company is up to thirty members, ten of whom were hired in the past year. Employee satisfaction and well-being is important at Gapps. By monitoring and measuring well-being and satisfaction, the company is able to preempt possible issues and take better measures to ensure employee welfare. The wish is to make everyone think at least once a day, how they are doing and feeling at work.

The years spent at the Mikkeli Campus in the BScBA Program taught Sironen many skills that have proven to be very useful while working at Gapps. A tight schedule and fast completion of assignments – without compromising on the quality – were evident throughout the studies. The many presentations held while in Mikkeli were excellent practice for the working life as well. Sironen points out that there is a vast amount of wonderful experts in Finland, but many unfortunately lack the ability to communicate in a clear and precise manner, especially to the larger public. During the presentations Sironen learned to react quickly to surprising situations and utilize the knowledge accumulated earlier in class on the spot. In business this experience can be seen as a skill to give precise, comprehensive and understandable answers to clients and members of the media, whose questions can at times be very difficult and demanding.


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