International joint degree programmes

At the heart of Aalto University is a student-centred culture that encourages people to passionately learn new things. Below are the possibilities that Aalto University offers for those interested in international joint degree programmes. Please note that the following programmes have separate application periods and admission procedures than the rest of the Master's Programmes offered by Aalto University.

What is a double degree programme?

Double degree programmes are two-year Master’s programmes in English, where you study at two universities and graduate from both. You can study, for example, one year at a European partner university and the other at Aalto, and graduate with two Master of Science degrees. The Master’s thesis is submitted jointly at both universities. The majority of the programmes offer scholarships for all nationalities. In other words: you get two degree certificates, international experience and possibly some extra financial support in one package and with one degree’s workload.

The application periods of these programmes usually take place much earlier than in other Master’s programmes at Aalto – some of them have application deadlines as early as in November of the year prior to admission. A Bachelor’s degree from relevant field is a general admission criterion, but students on their final year of Bachelor studies can apply if the degree will be completed by end of July of the admission year. Aalto cooperates with universities in over ten different European countries in double degree programmes. In Addition, there are programmes with possibility for double degree, but without compulsory mobility. In a few programmes it is also possible to graduate or write the Master’s thesis at a partner institution outside Europe. Please read more about the programmes offered in your field below!

Application fee

Applicants to Finnish higher education institutions (polytechnics/universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities) who are applying based on a degree completed outside the EU/EEA area or Switzerland will be required to pay an application fee of 100 €. The application fee concerns applicants to Bachelor's and Master's level studies. Application fees will be collected for the first time when applying for studies beginning in autumn 2016.

If the application process to a joint degree programme is administered by a higher education institution in Finland, the application fee will be collected from all applicants liable for payment regardless of the study track. At Aalto University, application fees will be collected from applicants who are applying to the Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing (NordSecMob) and the Nordic Master programmes in Environmental Engineering, Maritime Engineering and Polymer Technology on the basis of a degree completed outside of the EU/EEA area or Switzerland.

If the applications are processed by a higher education institution in a country other than Finland, the regulations of the country in question will be followed. In the latter case, an application fee will not be collected from the applicants when they are admitted to a higher education institution in Finland.

The collection of the application fee

The collection of the application fee is independent of the home country or nationality of the applicant. The fee will be collected according to the country where the applicant’s previous degree has been completed.

If you have completed the degree that you are applying with elsewhere than

  • the EU/EEA countries: (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar)
  • Switzerland

You are required to pay the fee of 100 € before sending the application. The application fee is valid for one application period, and it covers all the applications that you make for study programmes that begin in the same semester.

The application fee payment can only be made electronically through the service. The application and the payment have to be made by the same person. An applicant who is liable for payment must pay the application fee in order for the application to be processed.

The payment will not be returned even if the applicant is not accepted to any of the study programmes that he or she has applied to. The payment can be returned only if it has been faultily collected.

More information about the application fee is available in the Application fee FAQ leaflet (PDF) by the Finnish National Board of Education.


Nordic Master Programmes

The Aalto University Schools of Science and Technology participate in Nordic Five Tech alliance. The N5T university alliance is in the process of developing a number of joint M.Sc. programmes. The programmes are defined within N5T areas of expertise and within fields where the universities involved have a strong capacity and a long-standing tradition within research and education. These programmes are taught completely in English.

Application period:

Application form

1 December 2015 - 15 January 2016

No applying through Aalto

1 December 2015 - 15 January 2016

Application period has ended

5 October 2015 - 15 January 2016

No applying through Aalto

1 December 2015 - 15 January 2016

Application period has ended

1 December 2015 - 15 January 2016

Application period has ended

The application process for the Nordic Master programme in Cold Climate Engineering is administered by DTU in Denmark and the application process for the Nordic Master programme in Innovative and Sustainable Energy is administered by NTNU in Norway. More information regarding the application process for these programmes is available on the programme's own web pages which you can access by cliking the name of the programme on the list above.

In the Nordic Master programmes in Environmental EngineeringMaritime Engineering and Polymer Technology,  the applicants apply directly to the university where they wish to study for the first year of their study track. Applicants who wish to start their studies at Aalto University will apply to Aalto University.

How to apply?

The application form for the Nordic Master programmes in Environmental Engineering, Maritime Engineering and Polymer Technology will be available online only during the application period, from 1 December 2015 at 9:00 (GMT +2:00) until 15 January 2016 at 15:00 (GMT +2:00). Before filling in the online application form or submitting any documents, please read the admission requirements on the programme-specific webpages which you can access by clicking the name of the programme on the list above.

Please read carefully the instructions on how to apply in the Guide for Applicants (pdf).

Required documents

An application consists of the application form which needs to be filled out and submitted online,  printed and signed application form, and a set of compulsory documents listed below. The hard copy of the application containing all the required application documents must be received by the Admission Services no later than 15 January 2016 at 15:00 (GMT +2:00). Application documents are not returned to applicants.

In order to have your application processed you need to deliver the following documents:

  • printed and signed application form
  • an attested copy of your Bachelor's degree certificate (the studies must be completed by 31 July 2016), or a certificate for equivalent studies
  • authorized translation of the degree (if applicable)
  • official transcript of records listing your completed university studies or an attested copy of it
  • authorized translation of the transcript (if applicable)
  • curriculum vitae
  • copy of passport or ID-card
  • proof of language proficiency, i.e. language test scores
  • two academic letters of reference in English (originals or certified copies)
  • qualifications checklist (required from applicants for the Nordic Master Programme in Maritime Engineering, the form is available on the programme-specific web page)
  • documentation of relevant work experience (optional)

Applicants who are exempted from paying the application processing fee based on a qualification from an institution in the EU/EEA area or Switzerland but who apply to a Master’s programme with a different qualification must submit officially attested copies of the degree certificate and transcript of records and their authorized translations (if applicable) of both qualifications. Applicants with an incomplete degree deliver official transcripts and their authorized translations (if applicable) of their studies. Please also note the country-specific documentation requirements.

The exemption from the fee is not legitimate without officially attested documents. If the applicant does not deliver the required documents or if they are not delivered as requested, the applicant will be required to pay the application fee. This will delay the processing of the application. The applicant will not be granted extension to the application deadline on these grounds.

The complete list of required documents is available on each programme's programme-specific web page.

Send the printed application form and all necessary enclosures to:

Aalto University
Admission Services
Nordic Master Programmes
P.O.Box 11110
FI-00076 AALTO

If you use courier service (DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.), you need to give the street address:

Aalto University
Admission Services
Nordic Master Programmes
Otakaari 1
FI-02150 ESPOO
(tel. +358 50 361 6430)


All required documents must be available either in Finnish, Swedish or English. If the original study certificates are not issued in Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must provide official translations of them. A translation is regarded official if it is made by an authorised translator or by the university that has granted the degree. Translations must be either originals or certified copies of the original translations. All translations must be accompanied with a certified copy of the original document.


Degree awarded by a higher education institution in Finland
The copies of study certificates must be certified either by the issuing institution or by two unbiased signatories. The copies must be made of the original, official documents. Copies of copies will not be accepted.  If the certificate has several pages, each page must be certified from the right side of the page. Each page of the copy must carry the signature, name of the signatory/signatories and date. The signatories must see the original document and the copy of it side by side. By signing they certify that the copy is an unaltered copy of the original document.

Degree awarded by a higher education institution outside Finland
The copies of study certificates must be certified by the issuing institution or by a notary public. The copies must be made of the original, official documents. Copies of copies will not be accepted. If the certificate has several pages, each page must be certified from the right side of the page. Each page must be certified separately and indicate clearly the date and the original signature, printed name and stamp of the certifying officer. The mere mention of the official copy (eg. stamp "True copy") is not enough.

Please note also that there are certain country-specific document requirements. If your degree has been awarded in Australia, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, United Kingdom or USA, please make sure to have your documents attested as required.

Aalto University Admission Services does not take copies of application documents or attest them.

Submitting the language test scores

For applicants applying only to these programmes, the deadline for the language test scores is 1 March 2016 at 15:00 (GMT +2:00). If you are also applying for the Master's programmes offered by Aalto University, the deadline for the language test scores to reach Aalto University Admission Services is 15 January 2016 at 15:00 (GMT +2). Please check the exact language requirements for each programme on the programme-specific webpages.

Applicants who take the IELTS need to enclose a copy of the score report with the application documents. Because IELTS certificates can be electronically verified by Aalto University, applicants may send plain copies of their IELTS certificates. If you receive your IELTS score after submitting your application to Aalto University, you can send a scanned copy of your result by e-mail (admissions [at] aalto [dot] fi). Please mention the programme to which you are applying as well as your full name and application ID number in the email.

Applicants who take the TOEFL test need to ask for the official score report to be sent directly to Aalto University as soon as the score is available. Please make sure to use Aalto University's institutional reporting code 7364. Only the official score report submitted by ETS is accepted. If the TOEFL IBT score delivery request has been made before the application has been submitted, the applicants are asked to give their TOEFL Registration ID number (16 digits, e.g. 00000000xxxxxxxx). The Admission Services have the possibility to verify scores which have been reported with Aalto University's institutional code 7364 in an online verification system provided by the testing authorities. The scores can be accessed in approximately 1-2 weeks after the delivery order has been made.


The admission results for these programmes will be published after mid March 2016. Dissatisfied applicants may appeal against the admission decision. The appeal should be submitted to the registry of the university within 14 days after the publication of the decisions. In the appeal, the applicants should specify the reasons for it. Instructions on how to appeal (pdf).

Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing (NordSecMob)

The double degree programme NordSecMob – Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing is a two-year programme. Students study in English at two of the consortium universities and graduate with a Master of Science degree from both. The five universities jointly offering this programme are Aalto University in Finland, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the University of Tartu (UT) in Estonia. The admission process to the programme is coordinated by the School of Science at Aalto University.

Programme website:

Application period:

Application form

Security and Mobile Computing (NordSecMob)

7 March 2016 - 1 April 2016

Application period has ended

Erasmus Mundus Programmes

The Erasmus Mundus programme is a co-operation and mobility programme which promotes the European Union as a centre of excellence in learning around the world. It supports European top-quality Masters Courses and provides EU-funded scholarships for third country nationals participating in these Masters Courses.

Application period:


16 October 2015 - 15 January 2016

European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program

European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program (EMMEP) is a Master's degree program organized in international cooperation between five Europe's leading universities in Mining and Resource Engineering: Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), Aalto University (Finland), RWTH Aachen University (Germany), Miskolc University (Hungary), and Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland). Aalto University School of Engineering participates in the study track of European Mining Course (EMC) and Aalto University School of Chemical Technology takes part in the European Mineral Engineering Course (EMEC) study track. EMMEP and admission to the program is coordinated by TU Delft.

Programme website:

Application period:

European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program


EIT ICT Labs Master’s School

The new Master’s Programme in ICT Innovation is a new, European double degree programme for students who want to know both the technical and business aspects of information and communications technology. Exact dates for the next application period will be announced later.

Application period:

see the programme website

Other double degree possibilities

School of Business

Aalto University School of Business has double degree agreements with:

  • Université catholique de Louvain, School of Management, Belgium
  • University of Cologne, Germany
  • Queensland University Business School, Australia (for Management and International Business students)
  • ESADE Business School, Spain (for IDBM students)

Within these agreements students in the master’s programmes have the opportunity of completing a double degree parallel to their home degree during two academic years, one spent at home and one at the host university. A student graduating from the double degree programme will have two official Master’s degrees.

Applicants need to first apply and be admitted in the Master's admissions of the School of Business before they can apply for the international double degree programmes as students of Aalto University School of Business. There is a separate application process for double degrees. The process takes place after the student is admitted to Master’s degree, during the first year of the studies. For more information, please see Double Degree Programmes at the Into portal for Aalto students (

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