Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design at Aalto blends design skills with the approaches of other disciplines to ask pressing questions and pose essential problems. Critical design responses are situated within cultural, conceptual, and political contexts.

We view Visual Communication as the trans-media discipline of design. Our unit encourages the expression of varying viewpoints and a variety of communication techniques. Award-winning alumni, recent graduates, and our current student body are the cultural catalysts of the future. Their work can be found at:

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Image: Deadline Panic, by Miila Westin.










Image: Deadline Panic, by Miila Westin.

Image: Spring Steam 2016 graduation exhibition at Kellohalli, Helsinki.

 Spring Steam 2016 graduation exhibition at Kellohalli, Helsinki.


Why choose Aalto University?



Aalto spirit

The most distinguishing factor is the Aalto spirit: passion, curiosity, and the courage to do something that hasn’t been done before. Aalto Spirit is alive at campuses, workshops, events and parties. It stays with you even after graduation as you see old friends in the alumni meetings.


Innovation power

The innovation power stems from the unique profile combined with close collaboration with hundreds of business partners on top of their field. Aalto offers world-class facilities, connections and resources to successfully conduct research on business, technology and art along with multidisciplinarity opportunities.


Game changer community

At Aalto, the support for entrepreneurship is available for anyone, at any time, and at any place. Students from Aalto are very much in demand at the labour market. The powerful global network of alumni and influencers is something you can get only from Aalto. You can meet inspiring people – true game changers – and grow together.


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