Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions - Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes


Master of Science (Technology).
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120 ECTS

Field of Study:

Technology and Engineering


2 years, full-time


An appropriate Bachelor´s degree or an equivalent qualification.

Tuition fees & scholarships:

Yes, for non-EU citizens.
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Language of Instruction:

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Organising school/s:

School of Engineering

Application period:

2017-12-15 - 2018-01-24


Interested in a career in energy for our society? Want to be involved in the development of rapidly-changing energy systems of the future? The Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions may be the perfect match for you.

There is an ongoing transition towards sustainable energy, which combines smartness, flexibility and environmental performance with customer acceptance and engagement. The new energy system will be a complex combination of central and local resources. This calls for new thinking of primary sources, production, markets, transmission, use and customers as producer-consumers, or prosumers.

The programme has four majors. In each of them, you will be provided with a solid theoretical background, which is then complemented with interdisciplinary studies to broaden and deepen your understanding of energy challenges in our society.

Knowledge of energy conversion and storage technologies are essential for designing and operating energy systems for a sustainable future. The Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes major covers renewable energy technologies, energy storage, biomass conversion, power plant technology and computational methods. Students in the major gain a strong education in energy technology as well as a deep knowledge of its advanced areas.

The other majors of the Advanced Energy Solutions programme are:

  • Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability
  • Energy Systems and Markets  
  • Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

Degree structure

Master of Science (Technology) degree is 120 ECTS credits. The degree consists of major studies, master’s thesis and elective studies. The structure of the programme is as follows:

degree_structure (2).png

Major studies (65 cr) consists of

  • 15 cr of common studies shared by all majors of the Advanced Energy Solutions programme
  • 20 cr of major-specific common studies
  • 30 cr advanced studies.

Common courses give the student a basic understanding of the field. Specialisation is built mainly through advanced studies, where students may choose courses from different topic groups.  Topic groups within the Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes major are Bioenergy Conversion, Renewable Energy, and Computational Energy Technology.

Elective studies (25 cr) are chosen entirely by the student. The master’s thesis (30 cr) concludes the degree.

Degree structure and courses are elaborated on in the Aalto University student portal, Into.

Student selection

Applicants to the program must first meet the general eligibility criteria and language requirements common to all Master’s programs in Advanced Energy Solutions.

The selection process for the major Sustainable Energy Conversion Processes is competitive and paper-based. Applications that pass the eligibility check of Aalto University Admissions Services (administrative evaluation) proceed to the programme specific academic evaluation.

The following academic evaluation criteria applies to this major:

Academic evaluation is split into two phases

  • In the first phase, the applicant’s degree that is used as grounds for the application and the related institution of higher education are evaluated. The applicant’s academic performance is evaluated, while any of the applicant’s other education that is attached to the application may also be evaluated. Criteria used to evaluate academic performance may include the time taken to complete the degree as well as the date of the degree’s completion.
  • In the second phase, the acceptable applicants are ranked. A number of eligible applicants no greater than the allotted quota are admitted based on the academic evaluation. The most important criteria are the applicability of previous studies and academic performance in studies relevant to the study option. The aim is to admit only those applicants who have the required competence to begin studies without any supplementary studies.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme are capable of acting as an expert of in at least one of the following areas: renewable energy, energy conversion technologies, bioenergy or computational energy technology.

Typical employers are energy companies, energy-intensive industries, engineering and consulting companies as well as universities and research institutes. Graduates will able to apply novel, adaptive and socially intelligent thinking and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration with well-trained project management skills for entrepreneurship initiatives concerning energy solutions.

Contact information

For enquiries regarding the application process, please contact: admissions [at] aalto [dot] fi

For inquiries on the content of programme and studies, please contact: masters-eng [at] aalto [dot] fi

Programme director: Professor Martti Larmi

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