Master's Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television - Production Design


Master of Arts.
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120 ECTS

Field of Study:

Art and Design


2 years, full-time


An appropriate Bachelor´s degree or an equivalent qualification.
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Tuition fees & scholarships:

Yes, for non-EU citizens.
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Language of Instruction:

Finnish (Swedish) or English
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Organising school/s:

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Organising department/s:

Department of Film, Television and Scenography

Application period:

2017-12-15 - 2018-01-24

Goal of education

The major in production design involves training artistic designers who are responsible for the visual, operational and production entity of a film production.

The aim of the education is to find and enhance the student’s personal artistic vision, to extend his/her professional competence and/or specialisation and to provide skills needed for doctoral studies. Along with broad-ranging professional skills, the goal is to obtain the ability to develop the student’s own field in a creative and independent manner. Master’s degree students are expected to work independently and to play an active role in planning their studies.

A key objective of master’s degree studies in production design is to support the student’s personal goals and reinforce the competence of students with different backgrounds in the field of production design as well as direct them in their choice of specialisation. Another aim is to encourage the student to boldly bring forth his/her perspective on artistic collaboration as a whole.

A graduate of the Master’s Degree Programme in Production Design will be able to

  • work as a production designer in demanding film and television productions
  • manage broad artistic entities
  • guide and motivate the working group implementing the designs
  • deepen his/her artistic expression
  • expand his/her skills through developments in the field and new demands, (for example, digital production design, new narrative forms for film and television)
  • develop new work methods by means of experimental and investigative work
  • renew the field in collaboration with other people responsible for artistic content in film/TV productions
  • continue his/her studies in a programme leading to a doctoral degree

More about the language of instruction

The language of instruction in the Master’s Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television is Finnish. However, in the major of Production Design, a large part of the courses are taught in English. The degree can be completed in English.

More information about the languages of instruction at Aalto University.

Education content

Master’s degree studies include delving into the special areas of production design, research related studies to develop conceptual thinking relating to design for theatre, film and television, and productions that realise artistic expression.

The students can take research-oriented and theoretical studies that are an introduction to doctoral studies in the Master's Programmes of both Film and Television and Design for Theatre, Film and Television.

For further details on the education content, see the study guide for the academic year of 2016-2017.

Career opportunities

In particular, the training prepares students to be production designers in film and television. Through the skills provided by the programme and their further adaptation, it is also possible to work in digital production design.  In addition, a production designer also has the possibility to apply their skills in other work related to graphic design and the use of space, such as in the production of different kinds of performing arts, as a concept designer, or as a designer for exhibitions and fairs.

The degree includes 30 credits of elective studies. They allow the student to complement his/her degree according to personal orientation or deepen his/her competence in a desired area.

The student can also apply for doctoral studies towards a Doctor of Arts degree.


Graduates of the programme can work in many positions: set designer, production designer, Art Director, Production Designer, concept designer, exhibition designer, interior designer, researcher, teacher.


Students are encouraged to complete part of their studies in international exchange programmes or internships and participate in international teaching events. International visiting teachers and students enrich the reaching and help students network.

A significant amount of master’s studies are completed in English.

Admission procedure

Applicants for the Master’s Degree Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Production Design apply in the master’s level admissions in the field of Art and Design. Key selection criteria for students in design for theatre, film and television are artistic talent and personality, the capacity for illustrative and spatial understanding, readiness to work in a group and the ability to express oneself. The main requirement is a bachelor’s degree completed in the field or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Student selection takes place by means of a two-stage entrance exam. Some applicants are eliminated between the two stages. Selection is based on application documents, a work portfolio, motivation letter, CV, interview and possible additional samples of work.

  • Artistic level of work samples
  • Motivation regarding advanced studies

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