Doctoral Programme in Engineering

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The goal of doctoral studies is to equip a doctoral candidate with competence to conduct independent research and perform demanding advisory tasks. Developing skills in research work and the application of research results is integral to doctoral studies.

The normative duration of studies for completing the degree of Doctor of Science (Technology) is four years. The degree comprises theoretical studies to the extent of 40 ECTS credits and research work resulting in a doctoral dissertation. A doctoral candidate who has completed his or her degree has the skills necessary for performing varied duties in international environments in different sectors of society.

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering comprises 18 research fields , including land use planning and urban studies, real estate economics, geoinformatics, civil and structural engineering, civil and environmental engineering, engineering design and production, energy and environmental technology and applied mechanics. Doctoral studies are available at all the departments of the school: the Department of Energy Technology (EN), the Department of Engineering Design and Production (K), the Department of Surveying (M), the Department of Applied Mechanics (SM), the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering (R) and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Y).

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering has two application periods a year, one ending at the end of October and the other at the end of April . Applicants must have an applicable higher university degree.

The director of the doctoral programme is Professor Kirsi Virrantaus, who is responsible for the programme activities and the development and coordination of the doctoral studies together with the school. Decisions related to the doctoral programme are made by the Doctoral Programme Committee whose members include professors representing the central research fields in the school. 

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