Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability - M.Sc. Degree in Technology


Master of Science (Technology).
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120 ECTS

Field of Study:

Technology and Engineering


2 years, full-time


An appropriate Bachelor´s degree or an equivalent qualification.

Tuition fees & scholarships:

Yes, for non-EU citizens.
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Language of Instruction:

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Organising school/s:

School of Arts, Design and Architecture
School of Business
School of Engineering

Application period:

2016-12-15 - 2017-01-25

Publication of Results:


The Master’s Programme in Creative Sustainability (CS) is a degree programme organized in cooperation of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, the School of Business and the School of Engineering. At the School of Engineering, it is possible to study towards the MSc (Tech) degree and in this case the major is Creative Sustainability in Real Estate.

Global and local challenges and the complexity of future scenarios require strengthening the multidisciplinary approach and the inter-linkage of environmental, economic, socio-cultural aspects in education. The programme provides a multidisciplinary learning platform in the fields of architecture, business, design and real estate for dealing with the significant development challenges of sustainability which background is in climate change, global poverty, social and economic inequality, demographic changes and adaptation to rapid global economic changes. The CS programme brings together students from different fields to study in multidisciplinary teams that increases understanding of different backgrounds and offers students opportunities to collaborate with research projects, companies, organisations and students from other disciplines.

Degree structure for students of the School of Engineering


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Learning outcomes of the Master`s Programme in Creative Sustainability

Multidisciplinary approach: Students learn to adapt knowledge, skills and new approaches to reach collaborative solutions based on ecological, economical and socio-cultural sustainability.

Systems approach: Students learn to implement systemic thinking into critical problem solving that creates new holistic understanding about complex situations in society. The emphasis is on global awareness within the context of local communities and simultaneous modification of different aspects of sustainability.

Design thinking: Students learn to apply creative problem solving methods and tools in facilitating dialogs, defining problems, generating ideas and obtaining solutions.

Project management: Students learn to manage multidisciplinary teamwork and promote and discuss sustainability in culturally versatile industrial, urban and business environments.

Sustainability management: Students learn to develop new approaches for creating sustainable business models and to advance business ethics and corporate responsibility. Students also gain understanding of the way that different organizational forms support the pursuits in sustainability.

Education Content
The Creative Sustainability programme comprises theoretical lessons, workshops, practical projects, excursions and a thesis. Courses deepen the basis for professional skills in methods and responsibilities of sustainable product and service design. Contents of the projects can vary from material innovation to enhancement of social sustainability in challenging contexts. Courses and projects are carried out within topics of interest for partner organizations that can be e.g. private companies, NGOs or other associations or public organizations. Projects are launched to solve a real and practical problem of a partner in Finland or abroad.

See also the programme's own pages.

Evaluation criteria

The selection process is paper-based and competitive, and it may be complemented with interviews. Applications that pass the eligibility check of Aalto University Admissions Services proceed to the School's programme specific academic evaluation.

The following academic evaluation criteria applies to this master's programme:

  •    Degree and institution of higher education
  •    Relevancy of studies
    For Creative Sustainability (MSc Tech), the candidates' previous university studies should have an emphasis preferably on Real Estate, Land Economy, Geography or Environmental Economy, or other relevant field.
  •    Academic performance
  •    Motivation
    Motivation letter is part of the on line application form. Please write at least about the following: why are you applying to CS programme, why should you be admitted, what interests you in the programme.

Academic evaluation is split into two phases:

  • In the first phase, the applicant’s degree that is used as grounds for the application and the related institution of higher education are evaluated. The applicant’s academic performance is evaluated, while any of the applicant’s other education that is attached to the application may also be evaluated. Criteria used to evaluate academic performance may include the time taken to complete the degree as well as the date of the degree’s completion.
  • In the second phase, the acceptable applicants are ranked. This phase can also include interviews. A number of eligible applicants no greater than the allotted quota are admitted based on the academic evaluation. The most important criteria are the applicability of previous studies and academic performance in studies relevant to the study option. The aim is to admit only those applicants who have the required competence to begin studies without any supplementary studies.


Contact information

Mikko Jalas
mikko.jalas [at] aalto [dot] fi
Programme Director

Naoko Nakagawa
naoko.nakagawa [at] aalto [dot] fi
Programme Coordinator

Kauko Viitanen
kauko.viitanen [at] aalto [dot] fi
Professor in charge (Creative Sustainability in Real Estate)

Saija Toivonen
saija.toivonen [at] aalto [dot] fi
University Lecturer (Creative Sustainability in Real Estate)

For enquiries regarding the application process, please contact admissions [at] aalto [dot] fi

For enquiries regarding the content of programme and studies, please contact masters-eng [at] aalto [dot] fi

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