Non-degree studies, Exchange Studies, Studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO), internal mobility

Non-degree studies

Non-degree studies enable studies at Aalto-university without a study right to a whole degree.  Persons living in Finland may apply for non-degree studies at Aalto University. The purpose of non-degree studies is to enable advance in professional skills by taking courses in their own field.

Please check the school-specific instructions below, and find out about their courses in WebOodi:

Non-degree studies cost 15 Euro/ECTS.

Non-graduate study right is course-specific, i.e. students apply to take certain courses and if the study right is granted, the applicant can complete only the courses he/she has applied for.

It is also possible to take Finnish language courses as non-graduate studies, for instance if you work at Aalto University or in one of the partnering research institutions, such as VTT. These applications must be directed to Aalto University Language Centte Study Affairs Secretary Vuokko Rantanen.

Apply: form (pdf)

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Aalto ARTS stakes non-degree students if he/she has sufficient prerequisites and there is room in the course. The department of Architecture doesn’t take any non-degree students. After looking at the courses you need to be in contact with the degree programme offering the studies you are interested in to ask about your possibilities and possible attachments to the application (e.g. portfolio). Application has to be submitted 3 weeks before starting day of a course at the latest. More information and applications: studentservices [at] aalto [dot] fi.

School of Business

The School of Business does not offer non-degree studies. If you are interested in business studies, please contact Aalto University Open University. If you have questions about non-degree studies, please contact studentservices [at] aalto [dot] fi. If you are interested in gaining an additional accountant qualification in either Finnish or Swedish, please find more information here.

School of Chemical Technology

Alro CHEM takes non-degree students if he/she has sufficient prerequisites and there is room in the course. If the course is limited to CHEM students or students of a specific major, non-degree students will not be admitted to the course. More information and applications: studentservices [at] aalto [dot] fi. Application has to be submitted 3 weeks before starting day of a course at the latest.

School of Electrical Engineering

You can apply for non-degree studies at the School of Electrical Engineering if you fulfil the prerequisites and if there is room on the courses. You can send applications and questions concerning the non-degree studies to studentservices [at] aalto [dot] fi.

School of Engineering

You can apply for all courses of School of Engineering, but your application might get rejected if you don’t have adequate prerequisites or if the course is targeted primarly to degree students.
Please enclose with the application form:
• official transcript of records
• degree certificate and a statement from your employer, if the reason for your application is improving your professional skills
• admission letter to a doctoral programme if applicable

The applications are submitted to the Student Services, Aalto University School of Engineering, P.O. Box 14100, 00076 AALTO (visiting address: Otakaari 4, room K103). More information: reeta.kalliomaki [at] aalto [dot] fi, tel. +358 50 347 5786.

School of Science

The application may be rejected if, for example, the organizing department does not have the resources to admit non-degree students, the applicant lacks the previous knowledge or skills required for the course, or the course is suitable only for major students. You can return an application anytime, but it is advisable to apply in good time before the course begins.

The applications are sent to the Student Service, Aalto University School of Science, P.O. Box 15400, 00076 AALTO. For further information, contact the Student Services, sari.salmisuo [at] aalto [dot] fi, tel. 050 408 4540.

Exchange studies

We are also very pleased to welcome students from our partner universities to study as exchange students at Aalto. Aalto University is an internationally recognised university. Its research and students have had, and continue to have, a positive global impact. This means, for instance, that international mobility is considered a natural part of life for all members of Aalto.

Incoming exchange students

Aalto has an internationally rich and diverse student body of approximately 2700 international students representing over 100 countries. However, we always strive to develop into a community which is even more international and multi-cultural. If you would like to become an exchange student at Aalto, please first contact your home university’s international office, and discover the possibilities. Once your home institution has approved your participation, you will need to apply directly to the Aalto School with whom your home university has an agreement.

Upon receipt of your application the Aalto School coordinator will process your application and contact you with a decision. It is important that you receive this decision before committing to attend the School.

For further queries about the application procedure and the exchange programs at Aalto, please contact the Aalto Schools directly. More information and contact persons can be found on the school specific pages.

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

More information on the school´s Into-pages (
Design, Art, Media, Motion Picture, Television and Production Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture

Contact: in-exchange-arts [at] aalto [dot] fi

School of Business

More information on the school´s Into-pages (into.aalto.fI)
Management and International Business, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Information and Service Economy, Communication

Contact: : incoming-econ [at] aalto [dot] fi (

School of Business - Mikkeli Campus

More information on the school´s  Into-pages (
Bachelor's Degree Program in International Business - also called the BScBA Degree Program - located at the Mikkeli campus of the School of Economics

Annamari Vahvaselkä, annamari.vahvaselka [at] aalto [dot] fi

School of Chemical Engineering

More information on the school´s Into-pages  (into.aalto.fI)
Bioproduct Technology, Chemical Technology, Materials Science, Forest Products Technology

Contact: international-chem [at] aalto [dot] fi

Bilateral student exchange agreements open to all fields of science and engineering are coordinated at the School of Chemical Technology.

School of Engineering

More information on the school´s Into-pages (into.aalto.fI)
Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering and Building Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering:, Real Estate Economics, Geomatics

Contact: exchanges-eng [at] aalto [dot] fi

School of Electrical Engineering

More information on the school´s Into-pages (into.aalto.fI)
Automation and Systems Technology, Bioinformation Technology, Communications Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Contact: incoming-elec [at] aalto [dot] fi

School of Science

More information on the school´s Into-pages (into.aalto.fI)
Computer Science and engineering, Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Industrial Engineering and Management

Contact: exchanges-sci [at] aalto [dot] fi

Outgoing exchange students

As an Aalto University student, you have excellent opportunities become more internationally orientated and globally competent during your studies. You can study or find a work placement abroad, take part in teaching provided in English or work actively in multicultural partnerships and projects. This allows you to gain knowledge and skills that will benefit you into the future.

As you gain international experience, you gain expertise that is beneficial for both your personal and professional life. You can learn foreign languages and get to know other cultures; enhance your employability with skills gained by working in an international environment and discover alternative ways of studying, working, thinking and living in general. In addition, the friends and contacts you make abroad will contribute to your life being wonderfully rich and diverse.

The university provides you with easy access to an exchange abroad. The Schools manage exchange agreements with top universities of their field. You are guided and instructed in choosing a suitable destination, and your exchange is also supported by scholarships awarded for exchanges abroad.


Studies under the flexible study right agreement (JOO) and internal mobility

Based on a national agreement on flexible study rights (JOO), a student who has a right to complete a degree at a Finnish university (home university) may apply for a fixed-term right to pursue studies that are part of his or her degree at another Finnish university (target university).

Students may apply for a JOO study right for an individual course or module (e.g. a minor subject module). The agreement covers students with study rights for both a graduate and post-graduate degree.

In order for the student to apply for a flexible study right at the target university, he or she must have the application approved by his/her home university. When the student’s home university approves the application, it undertakes to pay the compensation specified in the flexible study right agreement for the study right and studies completed to the target university. For the students, flexible study right studies are free.

More information about JOO studies can be found in the JOO portal. (

Language and Communication studies

The Language Centre is a university-level service unit responsible for providing education in languages and communication for both students and staff. The goal of the Language Centre is to provide all university students with such language and communication skills that give a strong foundation for success in both studies and in the world of work.

More information about language and communication studies (


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