Doctoral Admissions

Doctoral students at Aalto University can take the degrees of Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Doctor of Arts and Doctor of Science (Technology).

Eligibility for a postgraduate degree

The Universities Act (yliopistolaki 558/2009) provides on the eligibility for studies leading to an academic or artistic postgraduate degree. In accordance with the said act a person eligible must have completed:

  1. an applicable higher university degree
  2. an applicable higher polytechnic degree
  3. an applicable education completed abroad which in the awarding country gives eligibility for corresponding higher education.

Selection criteria for doctoral studies

Aalto University uses the applicant’s potential for academic and/or artistic postgraduate studies, the standard and feasibility of the research plan and the prospect of the applicant completing the studies within the agreed schedule as selection criteria for doctoral studies.

Each school also has its own grounds for selecting doctoral candidates determining the evaluation criteria in more detail. The selection criteria also specifies the further studies required for achieving the skills necessary for completing a postgraduate degree and the requirements for language skills. In addition, the selection criteria describe the degree level required of degrees completed abroad and the prerequisites for the admittance of applicants with a higher polytechnic degree to doctoral studies.

The schools usually have one or two selection periods a year for doctoral programmes with the exception of some programmes for which applications may be submitted at any time. Applicants should visit the schools’ Into web pages for guidelines on the application process.

Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Finance (

Doctoral Programme in Engineering (

Doctoral Programme in Chemical Technology (

Doctoral Programme in Science (

Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering (

Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture (

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