Student services

Aalto students have access to a large spectrum of services from study counselling and support in the planning of studies to housing and physical recreation services.

Students may utilise the high-quality health care services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and also have access to conversation support on campus at times when life or studies appear as challenging.

Aalto University invests in the students’ work environment, and ICT services are continuously developed to better match the needs of the students.

Functional library services make it easier for the students to progress in their studies: libraries provide opportunities not only for lending books but also for studying for exams and workstations for working and information retrieval.

All Aalto campuses provide wireless internet.

Study guidance and counselling

A student in higher education needs to show initiative and take responsibility for his or her studies. Planning studies is an integral part of studying at university.

  All students follow their own study path, which refers to the route they take with their personal choices from the beginning of their studies to the completion of a degree. The goal is to make the study path as sensible and goal-oriented as possible. In order to achieve this goal, students draw up a personal study plan, HOPS. In HOPS, a student plans all studies to be included in the degree as well as a preliminary schedule for them.

Students are offered different kinds of support for planning their studies and to facilitate the smooth progress of those studies:

  • Study guidance and counselling are given by Student Services, degree programmes and departments.
  • Each student on a master’s or bachelor’s degree programme is appointed a teacher tutor. The main goal of tutoring is to ensure that studies progress as planned. A tutor supervises and guides a student in carrying out and planning studies in a goal-oriented way. A tutor also monitors the progress of studies so that, should any problems arise, they can be addressed at an early stage.
  • Student tutors are older students who are involved in new students’ orientation to the university and to studies.
  • Teachers can also be approached in questions concerning studies. Teachers give advice on matters related to the courses they teach.
  • The Psychology Service for students offers counselling and support for learning, motivation, self-regulation, study skills and coping with stress
  • Career Services offer guidance in career planning and finding employment.

Further information: pages for the schools

IT and communications services

When starting their studies, all Aalto University students get an Aalto account for the university IT services.

Aalto IT

Campuses have computer classrooms used for both teaching and independent study, equipped with workstations, printers and AV equipment. Some of the classrooms can be used by students at all times. All the campuses in the capital region also offer wireless networks for students.

Aalto University has several campus licenses for different software for both staff and students. Students may also download these programs on their home computers.

Students have access to Aalto University email, calendar and various Wiki services, such as StudentWiki and blogs. StudentWiki is suited to collaboration, communications and other requirements of group work. Aalto University students can also publish their own blogs using the Aalto Blogs service. These and many other services can be accessed using your Aalto University username and password.

All the campuses have an IT Service Desk that can answer queries and help with problems. IT Service Desks can be contacted either by email or phone and visited during their opening hours.

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Into portal provides information on studies, the university and its services to Aalto University students. It can give you information on degree structures and advice on study policies, enrolment for the academic year, graduation and exchange studies. All Aalto University news and events are also available in Into.

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In WebOodi, you can find all the courses that are part of the study programme and the official course descriptions. You can also sign up for courses and exams, make a study plan and give feedback on courses you have taken in WebOodi. 

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MyCourses online learning environment is a tool for both students and teachers for communication and managing everyday coursework.

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Library services

The Aalto University Library is a scientific library open to the public, housing extensive and diverse electronic and print collections in all the disciplines taught at the university. The Aalto University Library comprises three campus libraries: Arabia (arts and design), Otaniemi (technology) and Töölö (economics).

Material can be borrowed from the library collections free of charge but a library card is required. Aalto University students can use their student card as a library card after it has been activated at the library customer service.

All the required course books and other study material can be found in the library either in electronic or print form. Students can also access the electronic material outside the university landline network using their Aalto account.

The library organises training for students in the use of the library and information retrieval skills at different stages of their studies. The library staff gives assistance in information retrieval for theses as well as in the use of the library information systems and materials.

The Aalto University Library has contacts with libraries and information source suppliers all over the world. Through the inter-library loan service, you can order material from libraries both abroad and in Finland not available in your own library.  

The campus libraries have areas for reading and workstations available to students, with the Arabia and Töölö Campus Libraries also offering group work rooms for customers to reserve.

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