Student life

Aalto University inspires students to take part in reaching the common goal of building a better world. Students are encouraged, assisted and supported to excel both in their studies and their future careers. Aalto University is all about learning in practice: there are numerous ongoing projects created and led by students.

Student union and other student organisations

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is a 15 000 members strong student organisation. AYY is a self-governing community subject to public law and its status is defined in the Finnish student union act.

All Aalto University students pursuing studies leading to a higher or lower university degree at Aalto University are members of the union. Doctoral students and exchange students may also join the student union should they wish to do so.

Numerous student organisations and communities, such as subject associations, sections, guilds and recreational clubs, operate within AYY.

In addition, the students of the School of Business have their own association, the Association of Business Students in Helsinki - KY, whereas the association for the students at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is called TOKYO. The culture of the students at the schools of technology (SCI, ENG, ELEC and CHEM) is promoted by the AYY guilds for technology students.

Student healthcare

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS)

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and dental health care to university students.

Aalto University students are entitled to use the FSHS services after paying the Student Union membership fee which includes the health care fee. All general and mental health appointments, including appointments with specialists and physiotherapists as well as group activities, are free of charge for students. Appointments with a dental hygienist are also free but students are charged a fee for dentists’ appointments, with the exception of the first dental examination by a dentist.

FSHS sends an invitation to all first-year students to participate in a health check-up comprising an electronic survey and an individual appointment if necessary. FSHS does not offer emergency services. During evenings, nights and weekends, students can use the health care services provided by their own municipality.

The FSHS health centres are located in Töölö, Otaniemi and Viikki.

Psychology service and university chaplains

On Otaniemi, Töölö and Arabia campuses, students can use the services of a psychologist or a chaplain.

The psychology service for students offers counselling and support for learning, motivation, self-regulation, study skills and coping with stress. The meetings are confidential and the aim is to discuss the problem or situation brought up by the student, working together on possible solutions.

The psychology service supports students’ development and is involved in developing a more learning-oriented teaching culture at the university level. Central activities include individual and group counselling as well as the development of teaching.

You can contact a university chaplain for counselling regardless of your religion. All conversations with the university chaplains are confidential and you can discuss with them anything that is weighing on your mind.

Nyyti Student Support Centre

Nyyti is a registered association that promotes and supports students’ mental well-being and life management skills. More information on the activities of the student support centre is available on


Student sports services

UniSport is the provider of the Aalto University sports services. Operating on six campuses in Helsinki and Espoo, UniSport is a sports centre for the whole university community.

At the sports centres, you can find a wide range of sports to choose from and facilities for training on your own as well as in a group. The best training buddy for anyone wanting to stay fit is the UniSport Training Card, which students can purchase at an affordable student price.

The Training Card gives you unlimited access to the gyms and is valid for group training and for both supervised and general ball sports sessions and clinics. The Training Card is in use on all six campuses.

As a university member you are entitled to a discount on courses and individual services, such as massage and training programmes. In addition, Aalto University students can reserve sports facilities at cheaper rates.

UniSport is a joint sports service for Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Besides Aalto University's Töölö and Otaniemi campus sports centres, students can use the services of the University of Helsinki's City Centre, Kumpula, Meilahti and Viikki campuses

The Aalto University Student Union AYY also organises various sports events and has approximately 60 sports clubs specialising in different sports.

Aalto First Year Experience

AFYE welcomes all new students to Aalto University!

Aalto First Year Experience (AFYE) wants to open a window to the various opportunities that Aalto has to offer throughout the whole university. In addition to the orientation weeks, AFYE offers workshops, excursions and events throughout the whole first year of studies, supporting the new students in becoming full members of the Aalto community.

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